Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Wedding Bonanza Pictures

Snagged some more pictures from the wedding and I know you're all DYING to see!!!

I love love LOVE this picture of Patrick and Justine. A great indication of the type of relationship they have. Justine (in her drunken stupor) bought a $3 flower from some gypsy on the street and wouldn't leave that damn thing alone. It kept falling on the floor, petals broke off, the stem broke off, it even landed in a lamp and almost went up in flames however...the next morning that dirty ass flower was on Justine's hotel room floor. Nasty ass....

A picture from the rehearsal. That is Cora, Justine's Aunt, and Joanne, who is essentially my aunt. I've known the woman since birth and she has always felt like a part of our family. 'twas so great to spend some time with both of them!

The Bahr boys. When you think about it, having three generations present for a wedding is a pretty special thing. Pat, hurry up and have a baby so we can make it four generations!

I'm not going to talk about the results of the kickball game, nor about my performance. However, we played, and here is proof.

The morning of the wedding, the girls got mani/pedis. Justine here is doing what a Bahr does best! And hey - is that my little sister's hand asking for another Mimosa??!!

Justine with two of MY favorite ladies, Laurie and Ali. They're like my sisters and I can't WAIT for Laurie's wedding in October!

The Mother of the Bride and Mother of the Groom. Black and White. Ebony and Ivory. It's like a Michael Jackson song up in here. Hey, did you guys hear that he died....?

Oh hell yes. We look amazing.

Justine and her nephew. She looked sooooo gorgeous!

The happy couple right after the ceremony was finished. Sigh...I wonder what that kind of happiness feels like? Anybody want to fill me in?

Dancing occured.

As did some nasty traditions straight people do. I'm very sad to report that I did NOT grab the bouquet. I'm still a little bitter.

I want one. I wonder if Cambodia has any extra.....

Off to J.Mraz in a few minutes! Enjoy your weekend my peeps!


Kevin Doyle said...

Families are great and weddings are a blast. Looks like you've got a great family there, Brian.

You wear a tux very well, if a straight old dude can say so.

Justine B said...

Love you. Thanks for thinking of me and Patrick during the concert. Hope you had a great time.


Anonymous said...

If you find a bargain priced baby - pick me up one - you know I'm good for it.