Monday, August 31, 2009

Monday Movie Maddness

Ah, Monday. Nothing like the harsh, cold light of Monday to slap you in the face and remind you that you're alive. And yes, my boss IS unexpectedly in the office today, thank you for asking.

After a severe movie drought the past few weeks (I know I'm not missing much, but I STILL
haven't seen "Transformers"....) I caught up with some movies that were on my radar this weekend. The first was when I saw a preview Thurday night of "The Final Destination."

Okay, so I had no interest in seeing this movie, so what who cares? The boys were all going and we were bringing drinks so I forewent my fear of scary movies and joined in the festivities. We all had a fantastic time, and I only covered my eyes a few (fifty) times. What I came to discover, is that during scary/gory movies I turn into a loud black girl. Basically I turn into the black girl from "Scary Movie."

It was a lot of me going "Ooh gurl, watch out!" "Oh hell no!" "Oh mah GAWD!" Fun times had by all....well....except for the people who died freak accidents in the film. I bet they didn't love it too much.

Friday night was a VERY successful game night in which the new boy attended and then Saturday was a day spent entirely on the couch. No gym, no errands, just hours and hours of "Six Feet Under" and old DVR. It was delightful. I made multiple attempts to hang out with the boy on Saturday and Sunday but he just wasn't biting. I'm not sure if he's lost interest or if he wasn't in the mood to hang out or do anything or what leads me confused to say the least. Of course I could just be paranoid due to my history and therefore sabatoging things in my own mind, but I'm going to do my best to leave alone for the moment. Good thing it's moving week and I'm sure to be a busy little bee.

Sunday morning I woke up early and caught a showing of "Taking Woodstock" with Beaux.

It was a very cool portrayal of the time period and interesting to see the point of view the movie took, but it was just okay and about a half hour too long. As with many (read: all) other Ang Lee movies, it was quite slow and I kept getting distracted by the homeless man who had snuck into the theater to snore at us all during the entire movie.

And I thought I was bad.

After that movie I snuck into "The September Issue" with Eric and Tom. Scandal!!

There wasn't much to the movie, it's basically a very fun documentary showing what goes into making an issue of "Vogue." I was surprised by how charming and unintentionally funny Anna Wintour was. I was also surprised by the lack of eyebrows on "Vogue's" fashion director Grace Coddington.

Seriously!!! Where ARE they?!!?! Grace was almost as mayjah a character as Anna was - if you're into fashion or print or "Top Model" I'd reccomend it.

Starting a new candy-free diet this week after going sugar crazy the past few weeks. And I promise this picture

has nothing to do with why I'm cutting out candy.



Justine said...

Good luck with the move!

doug said...

At first I thought it said "Sugar Daddy" behind Jon's head. That would be kind of funny.

I'M FINALLY CAUGHT UP ON YOUR BLOG! Geez, you step away from the computer for just one week and you come back to a BriTunes-a-lanche!

Heidi said...

I sat near Anna Wintour at a Sundance movie. Scared the Bejesus out of me. Much scarier then a scary movie. I was afraid to look directly at her!

Stephen Chapman... said...

One review I heard said that Transformers was possibly one of the worst films ever made - just pieces of action pasted together in a money-making project!