Thursday, August 20, 2009

Please Don't Start a Fire

Wait - what? You mean it's not Friday yet? Ai Dios...has this week gone on forever or is it just me? It's not like I even have anything going on this weekend that I'm looking forward to but this week has just been.....blarg. I never fully understood the phrase "working for the weekend" until I started a 9 to 5 job.

Yesterday, I found out that I volunteered to be a Fire Warden on my floor.

Basically this means that if there is a fire I'm supposed people out of the building? WHEN did I volunteer for this??!! If there is a fire I'm grabbing my phone, grabbing my candy stash, and my ass is OUT. THE. DOOR.

They might want to re-think their choice of fire warden, I'm just sayin.'

Last night I had another date with the new boy and it was fantastic. Yeah yeah, dates are always fantastic in the beginning. For real though, we had a great time, an amazing dinner, and then we sat on his roof deck and talked. His dog, Hank, likes being part of the conversation and sat up on a chair with us.

I've blurred his face to protect his identity. Or maybe it was the fact I was on my fourth glass of wine. He reminded me of one of these dogs:

Those dogs done be playing POKER, yo!

This morning I was up a little earlier so I had some time to stop by Starbucks on my way to the Subway. As I was walking up the street with my iced coffee, the early morning sun was shining through the streets of Soho, the people were just starting to bustle and I thought to myself:

"This is a very 'New York' moment."

Walking through Times Square, Statue of Liberty, Fifth Avenue, whatever. It's the little moments that make me realize how much I love living in this city.


Q said...

being fire warden totally sucks especially when just the fire alarms go off and you have to act like a grade school teacher in a fire drill and call role - I don't even know who some of these people are, you know? Hopefully it's not as labor intensive for you

Sarah said...

Thing about not knowing when you volunteered for something is that you don't know how to un-volunteer.

I think I'm in love. With that adorable dog! I can't even see his face, but I'm already hooked. More Hank pictures, please!

Kelly said...

You should have a fire drill - a la Office style.