Thursday, August 6, 2009

Tales From the Subway

I'm so tired today - I feel like I took a sleeping pill with my morning coffee. Is it post-vacation hangover? Probably. Is it due to the fact that it's cloudy and cooler outside today? Sure. Is it because of the Mexican and Margs I had with More-O last night? Could be a contributing factor. Whatever it is, I'm annoyed. By the way, did that picture above make you yawn? Cause it did me - every time I look at it.

Had a great dinner last night, during which More-O decided he wanted to audition for Top Model.

Hot. I love the use of light and shadows and the inventive use of the outfit. Plus he's totally smiling with his eyes. Tyra would be proud.

Ty Ty!! Enough of that! Give him room to grow - It's not like Steve has any formal model training. I mean, were you perfect when you started?

Exactly. So cut the boys some slack, okay?

Oh Ty Ty, that's unnecessary. Now you're just being MEAN!! God, you can really be a bitch sometimes.

Oh Jesus, we've angered it. Run!! Run away as fast as you can!!

I met a new boyfriend on the subway this morning. Man, was he cute. He had shaggy hair and the most perfect hands ever (what can I say, I'm attracted to hands) but what really turned me on was the fact that he was reading a book. Do I stand alone on this attraction? Does anyone else immediately thing a guy is hotter when he's reading a book on the Subway? Take this guy for instance:

I took a picture of him in...February maybe? Now he's hot, don't get me wrong. The Peacoat, the hair, the jaw, meow. But factor in that he's reading a book and his hot level jumps about 50 points. In my dreams, I sit down next to him and we're reading the same book. We laugh, bond, and marry in Vermont 10 short days later. :::Sigh:::

One last thing. Sunglasses on the Subway.

I'm a fan. I wear sunglasses on the Subway, especially in the morning. I don't see what's so wrong with it. My eyes are puffy, I don't want to look at anyone, the shade helps shield me front he harsh morning light and also allows me to sleep that much better during my 10 minute commute. What's the big deal? Sunglasses at night- I get that. But this is on the Subway! There is more light than there is at night! I was heading to some event once and there was a family of four across from me - three boys and their dad. They whispered about me and then I saw one of them stealthily take a picture of me like I was some giant freak. Dude - it's Sunglasses on the Subway. I don't have three heads. So what did I do? I slowly took my Sunglasses off (why am I capitalizing Sunglasses? sunglasses. Sunglasses. Hm), gave the guy who took my picture a dirty look, and put them back on.

What can I say. I'm a bitch. I just hope they tagged me on Facebook.

And while looking for a picture to accompany me being a bitch, I came across this:

And laughed my ass 0ff. While terrifying, it's equally hilarious which makes it okay to post.

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Anonymous said...

I also am a big fan of Sunglasses (and yes it does look better capitalized). I was saving the pic at the end as a surprise on my screen (not looking at it until I was done reading) and WOW - L. O. L. We're talking a co-worker came over to my desk to see what was so funny.


PS - Guys reading books are so hot!