Friday, August 14, 2009

A Tori Tale

Oh Tori, how you do things to me.

Last night I took myself on a date and went to go see my homegirl Tori at Radio City.

I have to say, no matter what Tori does not disappoint, even when she plays my least favorite song of hers (why why WHY does "Bells for Her" haunt me every time I see her live??!) I just did a quick little count and figured that last night was the 7th time that I've seen Tori in concert. That's crazy! More than Alanis! It's funny, even though Lani is my ultimate, Tori is a close second and I think I might enjoy seeing her live more. Moreso than with Alanis, a Tori concert is like flipping through a scrapbook filled with pictures - each song of hers has a specific emotion and memory attached to it. For example, "Little Earthquakes" makes me think of when I was camping with my family and I couldn't sleep and I listened to that song over and over again. "Suede" makes me think of Doug and our trip to Vegas. "Bliss" makes me think of my Freshman year in Logan and buying my first Tori album the day it was released. So yeah, last night was really special for me.

I got there on time and my seats just look:

See that blob of white in the middle there? That's Tori! The goddess was in full effect last night and delivered a performance like I've never seen. I really didn't have any problem going by myself. I still laughed, cried, and danced around in my seat just like I would have if I went with someone. I found myself getting misty-eyed multiple times during the night - mostly just connecting with songs and also thinking of Tori times past. Nothing makes me miss DC Doug more than a Tori Amos concert. The one shitty thing was the people I was sitting by.

I had Fat Albert and his ugly ass white girlfriend in front of me who would NOT stop making out the entire show. I mean, Tori turns me on as much as the next 'mo but seriously? Not the time or the place people. The girl next to me was also by herself and didn't smile or clap once the entire time. F'real, homegirl was depressed. I thought she was going to slit her wrists midway through the concert. Then we had the two Russian mail-order brides to my left. They were tourists and I'm sure just saw that someone was playing at Radio City and asked for the cheap seats because they talked throughout the entire concert. Not ideal. I made a seating chart for your convenience:

And for those interested (Doug, Kelly, Jeremiah) I made a copy of the setlist:

Um....Talula AND Raspberry Swirl??! From a review I wrote on a Tori Website dated October 11, 1999. And I quote: "All I wanted her to sing was Talula and Raspberry Swirl and I didn't get either. She could have walked out there naked, played two songs and I would have been happy. But NOOOOOOO." TALULA AND RASPBERRY SWIRL!! I'll listen to "Bells For Her" every time if I have to just to get Talula. I was giggling like crazy when I figured out that's what she was playing.

She played for a good 2 hours and I went home fulfilled, inspired, moved, and emotionally charged.

And by went home I meant went out with Dom, More-O and Cutrone until I stumbled home drunk at 2am to stuff my face with Oreos and watch Animal Planet. But that's a story for another time....

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Iknowaboutpopular said...

That's way better than my concert. Don't get me wrong I love almost everything she sings but this was my set list.

Body and Soul
Wampum Prayer
Cornflake Girl
Marys of the Sea
Bells for Her
A Sorta Fairytale
Jamaica Inn


Curtain Call
Fast Horse
Precious Things
Strong Black Vine

Police Me
Big Wheel

I would kill my current roommate to hear he sing "Teen Spirit" live.