Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Wedding Bonanza!!!

This weekend there a wedding was scheduled between my Brother and his lovely lady. I'm happy to report that no cold feet occurred and....

...there was indeed a wedding! Look at that cake, isn't it adorable? Leave it to Patrick to put a Green Bay Packer's helmet on his cake groom...

After such an amazing weekend, it was hell to come back to work today but it had to happen eventually I guess. Obviously there are far too many stories and moments to blog about all of them but you at least deserve the Cliff Notes version of went down. I'll be sure to update with additional pictures as I receive them - I feel like the weekend was one constant camera flash so there are sure to be more on the way. I truthfully can't believe everything turned out as well as it did considering the start I had last Wednesday....

***Cue Flashback Noise Here***

Torrential downpour? Check.
Packed LaGuardia airport? Check.

Three hour delay? Checkmate.

The shitty part of the situation was that I had a connecting flight in Denver to make but ended up missing it completely. By 20 minutes!! Really? They couldn't have held it for 20 freakin' minutes? That's some BULLshit. Needless to say, I was not very happy.

And yes, I wore a bow tie to travel. I like to travel in style, what can I say? However, after wearing the same outfit for 36 hours, 'style' just turns into 'dirty.' Despite the awful travel, Frontier agreed to put me up in a hotel in Denver for the night. I had met Homeless Matt (a really cool guy I met in line who considered himself a 'nomad') and he happened to be staying at my hotel. Let me just say that my hotel was the SHIT. Cambria Suites, you're amazing. I dropped my stuff off and promptly headed down to the hotel bar with Homeless Matt. The next morning flights went as planned and I landed in Grand Junction just a little worse for wear.

The ladies were off to massages so Pat, Dad and I went out for breakfast and to run some errands. Next to the cute little diner was this store:

Do tell, what exactly is a "breastform?" I would have LOVED to have seen the clientele that goes into that place though...wigs AND bras? Amazing. Speaking of amazing, check out what Patrick found on a car while we were at Target:

My favorite part about the bumper sticker isn't the saying itself, it's that they spelled "your" wrong. People!!! It's Y-O-U APOSTROPHE R-E. Is it really that hard?

After our morning errands we met up with the ladies and hit up a few wineries!

People - wineries let you drink wine...FOR FREE!!! Coincidentally, some of the best wine I've tasted was from a winery in Colorado was I was stoked to visit the actual place. Had some steak (on a gas grill I bought for Patrick and Justine - aw yeah, who gives good presents?), got good and drunk on wine Thursday night with the fam, and called it an early night. Patrick made an AWESOME breakfast Friday morning (seriously, when did my brother learn how to cook?) and then met up with Justine's family to meet them for the first time. It was really great watching the two families interact and seeing how well they gelled, even right off the bat. 'twas quite the scene though - a family of whiter than white people (crackers, if you will) and an Asian family eating and laughing at a Thai restaurant. Oh, to be a fly on that wall.....
Friday night Pat, Justine, her sisters and I went out for a mini Bachelor/Bachelorette party. We had a BLAST and I don't know that I've ever bought so many drinks for people. Hey, I just wanted to make sure everyone had a good time.

Saturday morning we got a little sun and then headed to the wedding rehearsal. The first time Justine walked down the aisle, her sisters and I just burst into tears. After that we had a BBQ with both families and that included a lot of brats, a lot of beer, and a lot of picture taking.

Kickball also happened and after proclaiming that I was the shit, I ended up losing the game for my team. What can I say - I'm more of a dodgeball kind of guy.

Saturday night we went out in Grand Junction again and just to show you what kind of folks are out on a nightly basis....


Sunday morning was the day of the wedding and what better way to celebrate than to go golfing at 7 am!!!! As it was though, it was actually a GORGEOUS course

nd we had a great time.

Funniest story ever.

I'm up to tee and all of a sudden the sprinklers go off!!! My Uncle and I were cracking up, trying to get out of the way when all of a sudden we see my 87 year old grandpa driving the golf cart (from the passenger seat, mind you) going about 90 miles an hour down a hill trying to avoid the water. Hilarious but also terrifying - we were sure this was going to be the end of him. So he ends up parking in this area off the path when all of the sudden the other sprinklers go off and are pelting him in the face. He starts speeding back in reverse into some weeds

where he finally managed to escape the water. I'm telling you - funniest thing EVER.

Here's Pat with my new brother (in-law?) and nephew (in-law?)

What do I call them? "Hi there second nephew!!" Marco and Jon are awesome but when it's just Patrick and them in the picture it kind of looks like he's paying 20 cents a month to feed them.

It was really cute b/c Patrick didn't want to see Justine, or even talk to her before the wedding. I, however, could talk to her all I wanted!! MWA HA HA....

She looked so gorgeous and the ceremony was just beautiful. My dad officiated and I sang "To Make You Feel My Love" and a few family members did readings and blessings and what not. My song went well, HOWEVER, Jeanie....the 124 year old piano player, did NOT do so well. Every other note was the wrong note, but I just powered through. After Justine and Pat walked down the aisle, I caught a cute moment before the throng of adoring family members harassed them.

Isn't that the sweetest? I think that Pat and Justine had a great time and the whole day was just so special. They looked SO GOOD too.

You know who else looked good?

THIS GUY. I kinda felt bad that I looked better than the groom, but what can ya do. Pat and Justine asked me to also emcee the reception. Let me just say, I rocked it and my speech KILLED. Hopefully I'll be able to post a video of it at some point because I was having a great time with it. The reception was so much fun and everyone had a blast. Good food, good family and friends, good fun. I was so happy to be so involved in the wedding, made it special for me as well.

Not a whole lot happened Monday - we recovered, got some gelato, our Tuesday morning flights were canceled and rescheduled and we just hung out. Travel home was relatively uneventful and I was more than happy to climb into bed last night with some Wendy's (hey, my diet started today, I needed to go out with a bang) and catch up on True Blood, Hung, and Weeds (all were SO GOOD!)

I can't express enough how great this weekend was. And I'm so happy to add new members to our family and I know (especially after seeing this picture)

that we'll all get along and have fun for years to come. I mean, Justine's sister is SINGING into a beer bottle! If that doesn't scream "Brian Bahr," I don't know what does.


Justine *Bahr* said...

Dear Best Bestman Ever-

Thank you again for the love. I want to make sure that I declare how awesome of a bestman you were not only to Patrick but to me as well. I mean, you clipped my little Marco's fingernails!? How cute is that?! So if anybody out there is in need of a kickass bestman, call Brian. Again, you were awesome. So awesome I can't even really put it into words. You made our whole wedding weekend so special and I canNOT thank you enough for all your help, love and support. Until next time!

Beep bop beep,

PS- thanks for feeding me water. Saved my life.

Chrislynn said...

Weddings are so great! I am glad you are back, though, I have been missing your blogs.

p.s. you did look fantastic!

p.s.s. no baby announcement at this time, but I am glad I could give you a little shock. ;)

Anonymous said...

Awww - Yeah Weddings!! Love family fun times - makes me wish my older bro didn't elope :) I've missed your blogs as well, but so glad you had a good time!


Sarah said...

Dude, the fact that someone singing into a beer bottle screams "Brian Bahr" is the same reason that I love you.

And, yes, you do look SUPER hot!