Monday, August 10, 2009

Weekend Recap

This little man is my friend today. Ai Dios Mio!! What a morning! Every time I think I can have a normal morning, Monday always does something to remind that it is, in fact, Monday. I know in the past I've said that Tuesday is the new Monday, but today...Monday is the new Tuesday which is the new Monday. Let's fill you in on this weekend, shall we?

Friday Spencer and I did in fact travel to Jones Beach to see Mr. A-Z himself, Jason Mraz.

I saw Jason a few years ago in Boise (front row baby) with Jon McBride and our friend Jackie from college. We road tripped it up there and had such a blast - I'll never forget that road trip! The concert at Jones Beach was equally as fun and I was so happy with the setlist that we got. "Love for a Child," "Life is Wonderful," "1000 Things," "Life of RandMcnally" "Beautiful Mess" I mean we were so lucky on so many levels with the songs he chose to sing. Plus the venue was absolutely gorgeous

and I totally looked the part.

Can't go wrong with a fedora at a Jason Mraz concert!

Saturday I slept in for the first time in forever, went to the gym, did a little shopping, and then met up with the girls in Queens for Poulos' birthday. I have to say, beer gardens are quite enjoyable. My friend Mikey joined me and it was nice to have him meet my lady friends. Saturday night I went out with Mikey and Dom with some peeps, and Dara and Andrea joined me. Fun, debaucherous times.

Sunday morning I did brunch with Craig and the gang and then Page Six and I went to go see GI Joe.

Ugh....GI NO!!! It was awful! Some of the action scenes were pretty cool, and the girl who played Scarlett gave good hair, but other then that it was just pretty bad. The dialogue was laughable. After I woke up from my nap I had a good time making fun of the movie but overall was just so disappointed.

Last night was the Teen Choice Awards and it officially marked the one and only time I've been jealous of Kathy Griffin.
Yeah, I'd still hit it.

Tonight is the last Open Play before the start of Dodgeball and I done be ril excited!! Can't believe the new season is starting so soon, feels like we just got done with last season!

One last nugget before I leave.

Thanks to my friends Chris and Jeremiah, I have discovered a fantastic new show called "Jeffrey and Cole Casserole."

It's basically these two homos who live in New York doing a [title of show] type of YouTube show but Logo picked it up and aired six of their episodes. Kind of cool to see that small of a production getting actual exposure and it truly is one of the funniest and most random things I've seen in forevah. Plus I'm a little in love with Jeffrey. Anyway, you can check it out over at

That's all from me today. Until next time.

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