Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Will They Learn?


If you make a sex tape, it WILL get out there. If you make a 'walking around naked while high on drugs' tape, it WILL get out there. So what let Eric Dane and Rebbecca Gayheart think that their lame-ass nekkid threesome walk was a good idea? I haven't seen anything but from what I've heard, it's lame-o central. Is Eric Dane even hot any more? I mean sure, he had that hot towel scene a few seasons ago but lately he's been looking a little.....doughy. I guess if I HAD to, I'd hit it but...I think I'd be worried the whole time about what I'd catch.

Oh and REBBECCA!!!! Come on, really??! Whatever happened to being cute and innocent Toni Marchette on 90210?

I'll never forget how devastated I was when she was murdered ON HER WEDDING DAY!! And all because of that stupid cat. What was it named again? Buttons? Mittens? Hold up...let me look it up. AHHH. TROUBLE. Stupid cat. If it wasn't for you, Toni Marchette would still be with us today! I guess Rebbecca Gayheart knows a thing or two about trouble, eh?! Badump Bump.

Anyway, best of luck digging yourself out of that hole!

That's what she said.

Okay, now stop reading BriTunes, go to ITunes, and download the latest single from the "Glee" soundtrack: Lea Michelle singing "On My Own."



Q said...
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Q said...

OMG - Did I tell you after I watched the pilot (the 5th time) i had a dream I bought the entire soundtrack and when I woke up I was so crushed that it wasn't available yet....Yeah for new single - PS McDoughy is still hot though. Do you think he still has his Multiple Man powers from X3?