Friday, September 4, 2009

An American Moving Tale

Happy Friday, Happy Holiday weekend, Happy blah blah blah. It's a half day at work so I'm looking forward to getting some stuff done, gyming it, and then working on getting my apartment in order. Yes, I moved!!! Things went relatively well yesterday and it all couldn't have been done without the help of my friend Dom. Someone who will help you move you know is truly there for you. Step 1 was renting a U-Haul van and getting my stuff out of storage. Driving in New York City is scary, driving a giant cargo van is even scarier. Still, I think that I proved to everyone that I'm an AWESOME driver and an even BETTER park-er.

I's not like I actually hit it.

Once everything is up and running I'll post some better pictures but here are some Before's.

Half of our amazing kitchen.

Half of the living room.

Half of Page Six's bedroom.

Our GIANT bathroom! Don't drop the soap...cause you can't bend over in the shower.

Half of my bedroom. It's looking like everything will fit with some smart thinking but...well....I can't find the friggin' screws to my bed. I have looked EVERYWHERE and am at a loss. So I'm either buying a new bed or just sleeping on a mattress. Of course I could try and figure out what screws to buy but...that requires a lot of work. I also discovered this morning that we have

AH!!! SCARY PIGEONS!! Giant ass pigeons woke me up this morning, so THAT'S fun.....

Yesterday as I was taking seven bags from Anthony's to the 259, a bag ripped and the bottle of Proseco that I was bringing to celebrate fell out of the bag and down two flights of stairs. Miraculously....

It didn't break!!!

Our neighborhood is fantastic. Just absolutely amazing. Close to trains, CLOSE to dodgeball, and there are some amazing restaurants around us. Across the street is a fresh butcher, cheese shop, bread shop, fish shop - I may need to learn how to cook! I also found something pretty amazing... sorbet? INSIDE OF AN ORANGE. Can you believe it?

In celebrity news....

Idina and Taye had their baby yesterday!!!!!!! Walker Nathanial Diggs was welcomed to the world and to my knowledge, the baby was NOT green, but some form of black. Phew.

Did you hear?

Michael Jackson died.

So they're finally getting divorced.

Guess now Dean can start kissing guys. Hey phone number is 801....


annette said...

The apartment looks great! One of these days MLC and I will make it to New York and we'll get to see it (and more importantly, YOU) in person!


Mindy Curtis said...

Best wishes finishing the move. I just did it and am all too aware what a pain in the butt it is. :)

Heidi said...

Holy Effing Crap Orange sorbet in a orange.