Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Awesome, Oh Wow, Like Totally Freak Me Out

This just in....

Bring It On.....will be made....into a BROADWAY MUSICAL.

First of all, this is a fantastic idea. And secondly, the team that they have assembled has made me even more excited. The guy who wrote the book to "Avenue Q," the guys who wrote the music for "Next to Normal" and "In the Heights" and the choreographer from "In the Heights" and "9 to 5" are working on it.

Bring It On has a very fond place in my heart and I will never forget the first time I saw it. I was living in Logan, Utah and going to school and starring in my first production at Utah State.

There was a Saturday rehearsal and afterwards the entire cast decided to go see a movie and we chose Bring It On. So if you can, imagine about 25 theater kids sitting in a movie theater making fun of the movie and you have one of the best times I've ever had. The inside jokes that we had after that carried on and found their way into my entire Sophomore year. Sigh....good times. Who else remembers going to that movie? Annette? Amanda? Cris?
This day sucks and I can't wait to get home on my couch and watch Glee. The only good part of my day?

Catching up with a long lost friend....


Beachquack said...

I was there!!! I remember someone (TJ maybe?) getting us to all yell "Bring It On" when the title came up on the screen... That was the first time I had hung out with the whole USU theatre crowd. It's no wonder I became a theatre major after that! Good times, good times... I miss those days.

Shelle and Dan said...

That movie definitely has a place in my heart as well. I remember seeing it with you and some others from our Slick-Rock staff (Aaron Parker, maybe? Alisa? Shoot, now I can't remember who all was there). What I do remember though was that it was a blast and afterward when you would come in the office, you'd stomp your foot and chant the "toros in the atmosphere" cheer.

annette said...

You failed to mention the following...

A) That was our cast party

B) Half the cast was drunk which made for an even more riotous group

Yes, fond memories indeed. Hi-larious!

Q said...

That was like my 1st college party! Jamie - I believe it was Cory that kept wanting us to yell "Bring It On"

I remember I had never been in a theatre with reclining seats before (yeah Southern Maryland) and you all made fun of me b/c I thought I broke the chair :)


PPS - G&A was an amazing show - so glad I got to work on it!