Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Holy Cow!!

It's friggin' September 8th! Eek! Where in the world did the summer go? I spent the majority of this weekend getting the apartment in order, drinking, and then passing out in my bed fully clothed. Nothing but class, all the way. The weekend held a few surprises and great moments, however. Friday night I hung out with Benji and hit a party, Saturday Dom and I partook in a little "Sex and the City" and wine, and Sunday was a fantastic dinner with Page Six and friends, including Kaka Kido and Matt! Oh yeah, this also happened Sunday morning.

Eek! After the shadiness from the boy last week, I texted him in my wine haze Saturday night. Feeling passive aggressive, I basically just inquired if we were still dating. I was sick of feeling avoided and ignored. His response just annoys me. The boy was recently out of a 3 1/2 year relationship and while the pace at which we were progressing felt natural, I had concerns about how eager he was to jump into something else a mere six months after ending things. Time and time again I was reassured about his "ready" factor and now I'm just pissed I invested a month of my time and energy into this. Whatever. I don't even know why I bother. Moving up and moving on....

This is my street. I love it. I live at the top. It is beautiful and busy and very "New York." I'm in love.

I got in a fight with a chick at Bed, Bath, and Beyond on Saturday. First of all, the store was insane. So I was already on edge. Then the towels I wanted rang up full price when they were clearly on sale. So I went back to the display and....

...took a picture to show her. Then the manager came up. Then they tried to tell me it was merely mis-marked. Then they tried to tell me the white towels weren't on sale. To which I replied "the sign does not specify which colors or on sale." So I got the price on the sign. Hell yes. Do not mess with me. I will cut you.


Adam Sandler's kid!! EEK!!

Jonathan Taylor Thomas is 28 today!!!!

28!! Eek!! We're getting old...and I don't like it.

After dinner on Sunday, a co-worker came to join us at the bar. A few hours later she convinced me to join her at a bar downtown - La Caverna. Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you: La Caverna.

It was like a cave, filled with hookahs, loud music, warm air blasting, and lots of straight frat guys macking on girls. Basically? It was like hell.

Yesterday Craig had a Labor Day brunch filled with food, fun, and friends. About 12 people showed up and the champagne was flowing.

29 bottles, people. We went through TWENTY NINE BOTTLES OF CHAMPAGNE. EEK! Needless to say, I showed up at 2, left at 8, got some Chipotle, scarfed it down while watching "How I Met Your Mother" with Page Six, and then proceeded to pass out fully clothed in bed. I love holidays because they give you an excuse to drink juuuuust a little more than you normally would. Why do we celebrate Labor Day again.....?


Q said...


Eek! Indeed.

Anonymous said...

I just love the fact that you purchased the "Thick & Thirsty" Bath Towels. Smooches :) Kido

Kevin Doyle said...

Carolyn and I were in Chile in July and went to a bar called BEDROCK. Yep - total Flintstones theme. It was like a movie set. Freaky and funny at the same time. Best part was, we were a little taken aback when our drinks were a little expensive but then we thought, 'well, they ARE pretty big' and as we left they waved us back in. Turns out it was 2-for-1 drink day so we got a second giant drink for free. Not bad.

But I like your street better.

Justine said...

I see we had a pretty similar weekend as I was also watching back-to-backs of "How I Met Your Mother" and moving into our new place... no champagne though:(

Kelly said...

You don't text message breakup.... you do it in the car. :)