Thursday, September 24, 2009


OMGlee, how great was last night's episode? I don't mean to Gleek out about it but I can't help it. Wow. How many "Glee" jokes can I do? "You're so Glay." Nope, that one doesn't work...."Oh say, can you Glee..." MUCH BETTER. Anyway, some favorite moments from last night.

#1. If You Like It....

How many times have I done this type of thing in my basement? Not sure it can be counted....
#2. Terry's Sister
SO trashtastic. Love her.
Terry: Can you make me a BLT?
Deb: Me too! But hold the tomato. And the lettuce!
#3. Sue's Corner
" To those who say that caning won't work, all I have to say is: YES. WE. CANE. And that's how Sue, C's it."

#4. Tonight, Tonight

Mercedes: "Hold up. I'm a JET?"

#5. ...then ya shoulda...

Kurt: "Hi my name is Kurt Hummel and I'll be auditoning for the role of 'kicker.'" Aw, Kurt's joining the football team to make his dad proud of him. I did the same thing! I was considerably less talented than Kurt though and didn't have Beyonce around to help me.

#6. Valley of the...?

Sue: "Well this is all lovely and normal..."

#7. Four Words

Liza. Minnelli. Celine. Dion.

#8. What Do you Say?

To taking channnncess!!!

#9. T-T-T Tina

Was nice to see Tina C have a little solo time last night.

#10. Tear.

HOW cute was this moment between Finn and Mr. Shuster? Really shows how Will is starting to become a father figure for Finn. Adorable.

#11. Dramz

Quinn: "I slept with you because you got me drunk on wine coolers and I was feeling fat that day."

#12. ....put a ring on it.

When I was little, my dad and brother and I used to play football in the front yard. My dad would always make the plays and then we would "execute" them. He would always let me make up a play and I would go out, do a few ballet moves to "distract" the other team, then he'd throw it to me. It never worked. But I happen to think that Glee stole the idea for the football team dance from me.

#13. I'm Coming Out

How tender was this moment?
Kurt: "I'm gay.
Dad: I know.
Kurt: You do?
Dad: I've known since you were 3. For your birthday you asked for a pair of sensible heels."

#14. Quinn

How great was Quinn in this episode? I think I might end up reeeeeally liking this character.
So there we go. Another great episode of Glee. And as I sat at working re-watching it, jumping from site to site, email to meeting planner, to phone call to Facebook, I noticed an add pop up on a Glee preview video I was watching on Perez.

Why yes I just very might have ADHD, thank you for asking. See Melissa--it's more than just a childhood disorder!!!

Is it next Wednesday yet?


Becky Youkstetter said...

So every time I watch Glee i think to myself "Pk that line was funny, remember that!" But I never do. Thank you for highlighting the best lines of the show. LOVE IT!

Q said...

My Fav: "I live in a cocoon of horrors!"

Unfortunately, besides being the closet, I can't help but feeling that will be me in 30 years....

Sarah said...

I KNEW Quinn would end up being totally awesome! This episode totally redeems my love of her. And the part where she's totally scamming on poor Finn. (because, honestly, who believes that still?)

Scemey stupid wine coolers.

Spenc said...

My favorite part was when Finn thought Kurt was asking him to prom. His reaction was AMAZING LOL

Dear Wednesday:

Be here now.


Mindy Curtis said...

Agreed. Glee is amazing. However, I'm a bit scared by the baby snatching storyline...