Friday, September 25, 2009

Hey Neve Campbell, How You Doin?

Sometimes I'm really fancy.
Last night I went with More-O and Benji to a couple of benefits - one was an HIV vaccine fundraiser and the other was for the Human Rights March on October 11th. All those words basically mean 1 thing, 2 words....

We had fun, got to see some fun people and support a good cause and blah blah blah. At the second benefit though, Alan Cumming

walked through the doors. Not a big deal really, Alan Cumming comes to anything you invite him to. More exciting, however, was who he had in tow behind him.

Oh hey Neve Campbell, how you doin'? Dude! Friggin NEVE CAMPBELL! Do you remember when she was the shit back in the day? Party of Five, Scream, Wild Things....she's awesome. My friends Nick and Eric went to meet her, but I didn't want to bug her. I should have though, because it was announced today that she'll join the cast of the upcoming "Scream 4!"

Which...apparently came out in 2008? Anyway, exciting exciting.
Should be a fun weekend. Going to Six Flags tomorrow with More-O and some lesbians, birthday parties, housewarming parties, clothing swaps Oh My!

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Q said...

Scream 4?? Really?? i hope they kill her in this one....Geez :)