Thursday, September 17, 2009

I Just....I Can't...

To start with today, there is some very, VERY important news to report.

Um.....EXCUSE ME??!! Bergeron AND Sagat? On ONE stage? Hosting AFHV??!! Ugh, I die. You people don't understand - AFHV is like, my favorite show EVER. This is big. BIG. Mark your calendars.

In addition to a massive love for AFHV, I'm also intensely in love with the Muppets. However, I just...I can' this headline story.

They then proceeded to include a FULL LENGTH interview with Kermit. people know that he's a felt frog, correct? Therefore NOT REAL? Of course, I real frog wouldn't be able to talk therefore not being able to give an interview...I don't know where I'm going with this. I just know that it's a slow news day in the world when this is one of the most exciting stories.


Does anyone win on these things? Ever? I keep eating Skittles in the hopes that I'll win one day but...nothin'.

Who watched Top Model last night?

Tyra tried to invent a new word: Smize. 'Smize' stands for "smiling with your eyes." I just....I can't....

Last night was Wednesday and you know what that means......

Yay Glee! Glee kids hooray!!!
Last night was a different kind of episode, focusing much more on Will and his journey, and less on the kids. However, there were some fantastic moments that I loved - even more on the second viewing.

1. Broadway Vet John Lloyd Young

Playing "Henrie" and missing his thumbs. Hilar.
2. "Will! If I don't get some sleep I could miscarry."

3. "Don't you know there are no breaks?!! Not even for heat exhaustion or Chrone's Disease!"

4. Mark Sailing as Cougar-loving Puck. YUM!

5. "We're having a gayvention. That's a gay intervention."

6. Bustin' Windows out yo car!!!

7. I can't beleive Acafellas performed "I Wanna Sex You Up" at the PTA meeting. I don't think that's on the approved list...

8. Kurt and Mercedes' tender coming out moment

9. "Josh Groban loves himself a blousy alchoholic."

10. Sue to the Cheerleaders: "I want you to smell your armpits. You smell that? That's the smell of defeat. And it's stinking up my office."

Ugh, this show is so brilliant. Survivor and The Office start tonight and let me tell you that The Office is hilarious - someone's having an affair, someone's gay, and someone's preggo!! Dun Dun Dunnnnnn......


Q said...

All my favorite Glee moments - except the fact that Finn wore an American Eagle sweater that I own...kind of made my day for some odd reason.

And I'm hoping Miss Piggy rushes the stage when I see Gaga in a week and cuts the bitch - Battle ROYALE people!!

annette said...

I was glee-lighted with this update. Love the show! Love the Color Me Badd tribute at the PTA! Love the stench of armpitty defeat! Oh yeah--and love Josh Groban. I can be a blousy alcoholic.