Friday, September 11, 2009

I'm Sorry Scott Wolf

Wow, has it really been 8 years already? I'm sure everyone remembers where they were on September 11, 2001 but never did I think that September 11, 2009 I'd be living in New York. In addition to this day, there is another special event that happened on September 11th.

EVT was born!! He doesn't read BriTunes, but wherever he is, happy birthday to EVT!! What is he Amanda/Annette, like 33?

Speaking of people aging very fast.....

I need to send out my sincerest apologies to Scott Wolf. Scott, I'm really sorry that when I first looked at the picture for your new ABC series "V," that I thought you were Michael J. Fox.

I don't know if it's the lighting or your rapidly expanding forehead or what but holy Party of Five Batman, what happened to you?! You used to be so...I dunno..."Scott Wolfy." I'm thinking it's just the picture though. Cause you look perfectly fine here:

Hm. At any rate, best of luck to you on your new show. Say hi to Kelly from the Real World New Orleans for me (cause he, you know, married her and knocked her up and stuff).

I downloaded Mika's new cd on Wednesday.

While it didn't quite grab me as much as his first cd did, it's really growing on me and I'm quite excited to see him in concert in a little over a month.

Planning on a low-key weekend. I'm going to work on the apartment and maybe buy some new bedding. As a whole though, I'm going to avoid the mass public. Why, you may ask? I've got this friggin flesh eating virus or something on my face. I feel like Michelle from Top Model Season 4.

In actuality it was a random rash that decided to go crazy and wreak havoc on my face in the past week. I feel like a leper. All I know is that it hurts and itches and I can't let people see me like this. No, I'd much prefer people to see me like this:

Yeah, that little gem is from Kaka Kido's hooker boyfriend Matt. I sure was one sexy lesbian....


Justine said...

Are you wearing a choker?!

Q said...

did you like the Dolphins b/c you liked the animal as well? Good luck with that flesh virus thing..can't be good...

Beachquack said...

Before I even read what you had under the picture, I thought it was Michael J. Fox as well. Hmm... Scott Wolfe has adorable dimples..

Sorry about your face... that sounded bad, but you know what I mean!

Love You!

Kevin Doyle said...

I know I told you this before but I did a scene with Scott Wolfe when he was in EVERWOOD which shot in Salt Lake City. He's about 5'2". I thought they'd cut my short bit because all 5'10" of me towered over him.

Nice guy. Played Sudoku during the stops. Then did a dramatic read on how he (his character) overcame alcoholism to a group of AA people. (I played a doctor who wanted to hire him as a spokesman for some anti-alcohol program - oh, if they only knew...)