Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Like a Tattoo

Let me preface this by saying that I don't hate tattoos. Many of my friends have them and they're in places that I'm perfectly fine with. However, this morning on the train it was far too early and there were far too many people and I saw a woman with just the UGLIEST tattoo ever. I was literally offended by it.

The Top 5 Places on Your Body a Tattoo Does NOT Belong

#5. Ring Tattoos

Chances are you're going to break up anyway so don't get a ring tattoo and definitely don't get a ring tattoo with that person's name. Unless it's my name. You hear me Levi?! Yeah, I'd hit it.

#4. The arm band/barbed wire Tattoo

Your guns aren't that impressive, it's not 1994 and you're not Pamela Anderson starring in a movie called "Barb Wire." All in all, not a good idea. A little too douche-tastic for my tastes.
#3. This

My main point of disgust is the front of the neck tattoo but...what's the saying? "Too many accessories clutter an outfit?" Same goes for tats.

#2. The Ankle Tattoo

Listen Kate Gosselin, you're not going to be 18 forever and a tattoo on your ankle isn't exactly approp for someone with 8 kids. So next time reconsider that rose or that cross or that Tweety bird or whatever.

#1. Tramp Stamps....on guys

While I'm not a huge tramp stamp fan in general, for whatever reason when guys have them it ups my dislike a notch. I know people who have very lovely tramp stamps but on a guy? That shit ain't right. I don't care how much that symbol means to you, just say no.
I very much like tattoos on the wrist, neck, behind the ear, back, whatever. But for some places, it's just better to go bare than put a tattoo there.

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Heidi said...

"Tattoo on the lower back? Might as well be a bullseye."

Nuff said. Its no good on girls either!