Monday, September 28, 2009

Roller Coaster...of Love.

This is how my day started.

I come out of the shower, only to be greeted by this MONSTER. I mean, God, I don't even know what the hell that is. All I know is that it had a million trillion legs, large antennae, and was moving up my wall at an alarming rate. Terrifying. After squealing for a bit, and grabbing my phone to document the ENORMITY of this insect, I hit it with my shoe. Dropped the shoe, and the carcass came flying at me. I jumped back, fell off my bed and crashed into my dresser, knocking things everywhere. Somewhere in that I twisted my neck weird and also lost the body somewhere in my bed. Found it (although I seriously debated waiting until Page Six got home so he could take care of it) and picked it up with about four pounds of toilet paper just in case it rose from the dead and learned how to eat through toilet paper. Frickin' horrendous experience.

Weekend was great, if not terribly busy. Went to a party in Brooklyn Friday night, party in Brooklyn Saturday night (after Kalmas' housewarming) and then Sunday went to Ben's clothes swap and watched TV with Dom and More-O. Saturday during the day, however, I went to......

Six Flags!!!!

My friend Vanessa has a Ford Focus for the summer (part of some promotion they're doing) and so me, Vanessa and her girlfriend, Dom, and More-O all squished into her car and headed to Jersey.
Upon entering the park, we ran into yet another terrifying creature.

I don't know how anyone finds that Old Man anything but creepy.

I was incredibly hungover the first three hours or so I wasn't in a picture taking mood but...

Why yes I am, thank you for asking.

That's not a zoom, I done be CLOSE to that tiger. They randomly had an area in the middle of the park with a couple of white tigers and there was only a pane of glass separating the two of you. It was absolutely amazing. I could have stayed there all day but More-O made me move on.

We took pictures with pumpkins. It was fun.

Due to time restraints, we were only there for about four hours but we managed to ride almost all of the big rides. I have to tell you, there were a few times there I was actually scared for my life. Some of that shit done be SCARY, yo!!!

Yesterday Benji had his bi-annual clothes swap. Everyone brought clothes they didn't want anymore and for each item you got "points." Then you bid on other people's stuff and if there was a tie in points people would either concede or there would be a walk-off. Very fun, very gay. I came away with some great treasures (including a real live Burberry scarf that I had to fight for) but there wasn't anything quite as amazing as this.

Fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiierce. I WILL find an occasion to wear this tank top, mark my words.

Pretty much just counting down the hours today. I have meetings up the wahoo to schedule but with my neck feeling the way it does I kind of just want to curl up on the couch and take a nap. I hope that all my Jewish friends have a happy Yom Kippur!

I'm just thankful for the holiday because my main boss is out of the office today. Shalom!!
Oh, and Khloe?

No one cares.
Happy Monday!!

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