Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Sit Down, Your'e Rockin' the Boat

Oh, how sad!

Miss Vida Boheme herself, Patrick Swayze, di-

"Michael Jackson's death is the greatest death of the decade!"


Sit down, Kanye.

Anyway, as I was saying it truly is sad that Pat--

Kanye!! Enough!!!

Ugh. Sorry. So inapropriate. So yes, now then. I think that Patrick Swayze was really--

Okay now you're just being ridiculous. Go away. That Kanye West, always up to something.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Lehman going bankrupt.

Let us all say 'huzzah' at still having a job!!

First night of Dodgeball was last nightand the Stonewall Stoneballers did AWESOME! I was actually quite impressed (read: surprised) with how well my team did - winning both matches and 4 out of 6 games! Might I just say I'm an awesome captain. Awesome at Truth or Dare Flip Cup? Not s'much. Let's not even go there. I can't...I don't.....all I have to say is that when I turned on my Ipod this morning and the first song that came on was

"Rehab," well....I began to wonder if it was a sign from the Gods or something. Ai Dios Mio, it's going to be QUITE the season....

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