Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Happy Tuesday kiddies!

Last night was dodgeball and Team Stonewall did a little worse than last week. And by 'a little' I do mean......ai dios...last week we were 5 and 1, this week? 1 and 5. It's hard for me as Team Captain to be positive and not be like "you suck!" to certain members of my team but this will be a lesson in handling my anger and super competitiveness apparently.

A few things for your Tuesday enjoyment:

I know, I know...I love Glee. Big surprise, right? But this is big! They picked up a full season of Glee so that means an additional 9 episodes added to the 13 already shot. OMGlee that makes me happy. On iTunes today they released two new songs - a Lea Michele cover of Celine's "Taking Chances"

and Queen's "Somebody to Love" which will be on next Wednesday's show. Quite possibly my favorite Queen song, I can't even being to express the CHILLS that I get every time I listen to it.

Go. Download. Now.

Dear Kevin Jonas,

I don't care. Love, Brian.

Speaking of wedding's, my dear Laurie is getting married in two and a half short weeks. I'm trying to convince DC Doug to come down for it since it will be relatively close to where he lives. And by 'relatively close' I mean a short train ride away. With Pat's wedding and now Laurie's it sure does shine a spotlight on the fact that I'm single.

My friend Sergio from dodgeball called me yesterday and said that he was taping Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in a few weeks - cool, right?

It gets better. He asked me (ME!) to be his Pop Culture phone-a-friend!! I've always wanted to be a phone-a-friend!!!!! Who knows if he's actually going to need me but can you imagine if he calls and I don't know the answer? That would be awful.

Speaking of awful...


And in "that shit ain't right" news....

Taylor Lautner. Seriously dude. Please turn 18 so I can start saying inappropriate things about how frickin' hot you are. Because that body? Ugh. That shit ain't right.

Dinner with EVT tonight. I'll tell him you all say hi.


Billy said...

I thought I saw you leaving Stonewall last night (you were actually walking, not crawling). As I am clearly not as butch as you, I was there playing bingo!

annette said...

Sing EVT part of "The Lonely Goatherd" from Sound of Music for me, will you? He'll appreciate it.

Also, will you and Amander fly to Calgary for New Moon? We can all illegally ogle Tyler Lautner together.

annette said...

You know I meant TAYLOR Lautner.

I gotta stop drinking on the job, but it makes motherhood much more bearable.

I kid. I love my baby. And I don't drink on the job.