Friday, October 30, 2009

Ghosts of Halloween Past

Ah, Halloween. A magical, wonderful time filled with candy, costumes, and craziness. I've always loved Halloween, if only for the reason that for one night you can be someone other than yourself. I've had some great costumes over the years but as I've grown older they've defintitely increased in greatness.

Freshman year of college I was Roger from Rent. Shannon was Maureen, Doug was Mark, Shannon's sister Kat was Mimi and Chris was....well....I don't know that we'll ever know what character Chris was. I think he just wanted to dye his hair green.

Continuing the Rent theme, a few years later I was Angel and Heidi was Mimi.

Doug's boyfriend at the time was also Mimi but his Mimi looked more like Gloria Estefan than Mimi Marquez....oh man I wish I had a picture of that right now...

Back to college - I was the Statue of Liberty one year.

With Amanda as the little goatherd or a German or something.

Every year we as a theater department would put on a Halloween show. They were great opportunites for us to showcase our creativity and just have a lot of fun. One year there was a "Pumpkin Ballet."

that I was in with Brooke, Amy, EVT, Wifey and...was that it?

That same year we did a Rocky Horror number and I took the opportunity to channel my inner demon or...whatever I am.

Perhaps my favorite costume of all time was when Spencer, Doug, Jamie and I went as "Sex and the City."

I looked like ET with a wig on, Doug made his Miranda wig out of a pumpkin wig and Spencer as Charlotte was Asian but MAN did we have fun.

I still remember just how much work went into finding our costumes. We looked fantastic.

This year I'll be attending Halloween festivites as a pervy gym teacher. I've got the short shorts, the high socks (both courtesy of my Dodgeball uniform) the pervy mustache, yellow glasses, and a whistle. Basically my thought is to run around all night shouting "hit the showers, boys." It should be a fantastic time!
A Happy Birthday shout out goes out to my favorite (and only) roommate, Page Six!!

Happy Birthday!!! I hope your day is fantastic and that our apartment continues to smell like roses.


doug said...

The ghost of one particular Halloween past came back to haunt me just this morning, when my friend and coworker Annie went desk to desk, wishing people "happy Halloween" while handing out Milky Ways and print-outs of me as Miranda that she found on Facebook... Sigh.

Q said...

Doug - That's Fantastic!!

What a GREAT costume IDEA Brian! Very little effort/expense (always a good thing!) for great comical payoff! Wish I could be there to see the reactions....with that group of peeps up there I'm sure someone might take you up on the offer of hitting the shower!

Kelly said...

Wow... that Carrie outfit is fierce.

Mindy Curtis said...

The first year I knew you I remember you were Brittany Spears because I was costume running some show and I helped you with you wig. Or maybe it was Christina Aguilera... but it was hot!

Beachquack said...

Doug!!! That is classic!!! That night still goes down as my favorite Halloween! The boobs that Anthony encouraged me to show off, the condoms Brian stuck in my bra straps, the scary blonde wig... And that was just me! Watching Spencer shave Brian's legs, Doug cutting the top of his pumpkin wig. Spencer was the only one who looked some what good! I still am amazed you got me to go as Samantha! Brian you are right, we all spent A LOT of time shopping for our costumes! I seem to remember epic trips to Wal-Mart & PayLess... Cause we're classy! I still have my shinny pink purse. Oh geeze. Honestly, best Halloween costumes!