Thursday, October 1, 2009


Dare I say it? Was last night's episode of "Glee" the best one yet? I laughed, I almost cried, I cringed, I shivered with excitement. For those of you who watched it, my favorite moments.

#1. Who Dat Be?

Um....hello there waiter! Who you be? Nice way to start out the episode, that's for sure.

#2. Finny Finn Finn
Okay, so maybe he wasn't flirting with Rachel under the best of circumstances (ie. trying to woo her back to Glee) but the looks he was giving her at the end of their conversation...oooh...gurrll....

#3. Oh Emma....

Emma: "Will, be careful of who you meet online. I met a very nice man named Andy, flirted with him, and two weeks later Versace was dead." LOL - WHAT?!

#4. Introducing: April Rhodes

April: "Can I offer you a drink? I just opened up a fresh box of wine."

#5. You got something on your lip there

The water dribble? Always a good joke.

#6. Maybe this time he'll stay....

This duet? I can't even. One of my favorite songs from "Cabaret" sung by two powerhouse divas. Even Kurt was moved to tears.


#7. Lessons Learned

Giving Kurt wine to make him more confident? Teaching Mercedes and Tina how to smuggle clothes/shoes/lit birthday cakes out of stores by using hamburger meat between their legs? Brilliant.

#8. I mean....

Are you kidding me with this?

#9. Problem? What problem?

I have looked like this many a Monday morning. Tuesday morning too. Occasionally a Wednesday. Thursday every now and then. Most Friday's.

#10. Strike Out

Rachel's about as good of a bowler as I am.

#11. Alone

That is one GREEN background.

#12. Did it all for the nookie.


#13. The slap heard 'round the school


#14. Honky Tonk Badonkadonk

Who knew a Carrie Underwood song could be so much fun? (Sorry More-O)

#15. Can Somebody?

FIND ME SOMEONE TO LOVE.....amazing, amazing, amazing.

#16. Like I said.



Q said...

This episode was a little darker than the rest. Very Dramaful. But I L O V E D it!

PS The guy who killed Versace was named Andrew (read: Andy) Cunanan.

Kevin Doyle said...

1 - Kristin Chenoweth is looking anorexic. Not a good look for an older woman - accentuates wrinkles that don't need to be there yet.

2 - I actually did a musical about Andrew Cunanan. I was his first victim. Had a solo song. (Not kidding). Directed by Michael Greif of RENT (again, not kidding). This was three years ago.

Kevin Doyle said...

Music and Lyrics were by Mark Bennett (does a lot of scores and 'sound' for New York/Broadway shows. Currently did the background and underscore music for A STEADY RAIN with Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman. Saw it in Chicago with actors from there. Lousy show.)

Play about Andrew Cunanan is called MOST WANTED and has been workshopped and changed multiple times. Probably will never see the light of a real production.

More-O said...

Carrie Underwood is amazing, and shame on Kristin thinking she could outsing Carrie on "Alone". Lest us behold the Queen:

Kevin Doyle said...

You know, I probably should add that anorexia doesn't look good on anybody. There. Said it.

I feel better.