Thursday, October 22, 2009


Last night I had a lovely pumpkin carving party and the night was amazing! We had all kind of October-y kind of stuff including scary movies, Halloween treats, Apple Cider, and wine. The pumpkins turned out kind of amazing.

Bet you can't guess which one was mine.

We had a blast and everything came together wonderfully (well, except for walking around to a million places looking for a friggin' pumpkin!) but holy moley I'm paying for staying up a bit too late today.

After watching "Halloween: Ressurection," (starring Tyra Banks. It was a very special Top Model episode) we moved on to....


#1. "Ah! Mah Weave!"

And the slushy war has commenced.

#2. Calling HR.....

Okay, so Quinn is kind of adorable but how creepy is Mr. Shuester?! Hands off of the teenager perv!

#3. Bust a Move

In his defense though, he does dance better than any teacher I've ever seen. I mean, that side kick? HELLO! HOT! Ooh look, you can kinda see a little bit of his stomach........drool.....Matt Morrison......aii......okay, moving on.

#4. No Seriously, You're a Creep

He goes from caressing a teenager's face to singing "The Thong Song" to a girl in a Princess Diana wedding dress. I just....I can't....what has come over this man?!

Okay, I have a confession my Gleeks: This moment was probably the one moment in the whole series I.....:::GASP:::: hated. I just think it was totally weird and the song was meh and the whole situation skeeved me out. Plus I am sick to DEATH of Will rapping. Matt has a beautiful voice - let the man sing!

#5. What a Girl Wants

Check out how short that skirt is! Me-OW! This scene was so cute and is it wrong of me to want Puck and Rachel together?

#6. This Girl

Is amazing. Favorite part of the whole episode.

#7. This Guy

Is amazing. Please have a shirtless Puck scene in every episode. KThanksBye.

#8. Ba Ba Baaaaaa

While I normally hate guys with guitars sereneding girls (HELLO cheese) Puck singing "Sweet Caroline" was so cute, so charming....I may have swooned a bit. Okay, a lot bit.

#9. E9

Sue: "You sunk my battleship. Boom."

#10. A bathroom sink? Ew.

This moment was SO CUTE!! Loving that we're finally seeing some different colors on the "villians." First Quinn, now Sue and Puck. I appreciate that they've gone from stereotypes to actual characters with layers.

#11. Irma. Esther. Astrid.

How gorgeous did Emma look in her "modern" wedding dress. So pretty. And...

#12. Dayum!

Girl can actually kinda sorta sing! Will and Emma are so the new Jim and Pam, it's not even funny.

#13. Face Face Face Beauty Face

I love that Quinn kept wearing sunglasses to "be cool." Clearly wearing sunglasses inside is cool. That's OBVIOUSLY why I wear my sunglasses on the subway in the morning (and not to distract people from how tired i look, obviously.)

#14. Tender Moments

Puck rejoining Glee? His and Rachel's tender embrace? Totes adorbs.

#15. Taking One For the Team

Love Kurt. Love his see through Dolce raincoat. Love that he threw a slushi in his own face for Finn. Kurt's a stand-up guy like that. And Rachel looks a little bit like Cousin It in this picture.

#16. Zoot Suit Riot

Sue is amazing. I love that she's wearing the male zoot suit too.

#17. "Go Long"

Will: "Hey Finn. Go long." Uh.......does that constitute long?

#18. Kitty Kat

Sue: "Will I'm going to need to see the setlist from sectionals after all. I want it on my desk warm from the laminator at 5 pm. And if it is 1 minute late I will go to the animal shelter and get you a kitty kat. I will let you fall in love with that kitty kat. And on some dark cold night I will steal away into your home and punch you in the face." And THAT ladies and gentlemen, is why Sue Sylvester is amazing.

#19. Rushie my Slushie

Rachel: "Thanks for the slushies Finn, they're delicious."
Kurt: "And loaded with empty calories."
And THAT'S why we love Kurt.

#20. I Heart Quinn

How amazing did Quinn look in this outfit? I happen to really love her because you can tell she's more than just the standard high school bitch.

Two weeks until the next new Glee? I don't know that I can wait!!!


Heidi said...

That kitty kat line made my year, that and puck. EVerything he does is amazing. And I belive he should just start doing it all without his shirt. ALso I thought Quinn lokked totes adorable too! I love her hair when its down. I'm sick of the pony.

Q said...

i'm just glad that Quinn FINALLY wore something OTHER than her cheerleading outfit - i mean, does Sue MAKE them wear it everyday?? I actually got a little teary when Kurt toke one for the team. And then they rused him into the Ladies Room. Precious!

annette said...

1. Do cheerleaders in American universities actually wear their uniforms to school regularly? We don't have cheerleaders in Canada. Just slutty teenage girls.

2. I totally swooned over Puck in this episode and SO wanted he and Rachel to overcome the odds and fall in love!

3. My wedding dress was similar to Emma's. No, not the Princess Di disaster, so much as the simple and classic Audrey Hepburn neckline business. Sooo pretty. Oh, but you'd know that because you're my husband. Now who is this tall drink of water who's playing the electric guitar beside me and claims he's the father of my baby even though said baby looks nothing like him???

4. I love Kurt. LOVE Kurt.