Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

The Good:

For whatever reason, I have a soft place in my heart for T.R. Knight. Even though he's a pansy and quit Grey's, I still love him. I do not, however, love his fetus of a boyfriend. So it with a happy heart that I report today that they's be broken up! Look out T.R., I done be on the prowl!!!

The Bad:

Eeeeeeeek! I do NOT need to see that Kendra. Put it away!!

The Ugly:

Cat burgler up in the house, yo!

So this is the story as told to me by my roomie, Page Six:

"So I'm sleeping and it's about 4 am and I hear what sounds like falling plaster on the fire escape. I don't think much of it and roll over to go back to sleep. Then I realize it's not falling plaster, it's the tape on my air conditioner window ripping and my window is opening."

Someone was trying to burgler/murder us, ya'll!!!!!!

"I froze for a second and then I screamed 'get the fuck out!' and I heard the person scurry down the fire escape. I lay there for a half hour and then fell asleep."

All is okay and obviously steps will be taken to avoid this in the future but MAN it's a scary thought! I'm just happy it happened to Page Six and not to me. :) Oh, and in case you had any doubt, I totally slept through this entire ordeal.
Had an awesome date last night and caught

which is a gorgeous movie with some amazing scenes. It's basically "Paris J'et ame" Part 2, but about New York, instead of Paris. I haven't seen "Paris" but from what I hear they try and recreate it but it falls a bit short. Still, a great film. Ironic though, that I see a film called "New York I Love You" and later that night my roomie foils a break-in attempt with only his bellowing voice.

Go figure.

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