Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Heidi, 1. Brian, 0

A correction from the last post that Heidi corrected me on. It is ZOOEY Deschenal that I hate in the Cotton commercials, not Emily.

Emily is in "Bones," a show I will probably never watch. And now keep in mind I don't actually hate Zooey - I liked her very much in 500 Days of Summer... (shout out to the boy of my dreams, Tom!)

but in those Cotton commercials her voice is just so....ech. Drives me loco. And also keep in mind I don't hate her voice as much as some other things.
Nemesis, for instance

Or this face

but man, I could very much do without it.

One other thing from my morning - Rihanna released her first single from her new album "Rated R."

I gotta say - I'm not loving. I have listened to it five times in a row, but I'm a bit overwhelmed by it. It just doesn't have the OOMPH that I expect from a first single by my Princess RiRi. I'm sure it'll grow on me and I'll end up loving it. I'm also considering going as "Beat Up Rihanna" for Halloween. Politically incorrect and offensive to women? Sure. Hilarious? Youuuuuu betcha!!


Ramsey said...

Have you heard her band She & Him? Do you hate all her music? Personally I love her song Sentimental Heart. Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

Ramsey said...

haha, scratch that. After much thought (all 2 seconds) if you don't like her voice, you won't like any of her music. I like her music and I like Sentimental Heart because it's a cute song. I don't like the commercial because who wants to sing about stupid cotton? But if it's her voice you hate then don't bother with her real music. sorry, it's been a really long morning for me. My brain doesn't function fully yet. :)