Monday, October 19, 2009

Monday Musings

A Belated Happy Birthday goes out to a Mr. Zac Efron, who turned 22 yesterday (22!!!!)

Zac, may your locks always flow in the air and your abs always remain tight.

Today is my dad's birthday

and even though he doesn't read BriTunes (probably for the best, no?) if he did I know he would appreciate the sentiment. So happy BDay my peeps!!

The sun is shining in New York after a very rainy weekend. This does not make Monday any better, I'm sad to say. This however, does.

Yeah, I'd hit it. And yeah, I'll read it.

Something I'm not very fond of.

Miley in Sex and the City 2. Meh.

Something I'm even LESS fond of.

Stalker pilot Jake as the new Bachelor. MEH.

Something I'm totally 100 % not fond of and sick of hearing about:

Like we're suprised it's a hoax. You can't trust anyone who would name their kid "Falcon."

Had an awesome weekend. Friday was More-O's bday party, Saturday I sat on my couch LITERALLY all day and caught up on DVR (it was amazing) and then Sunday I went with the gang to Brooklyn Brewery where we tried different beers for 4.5 hours. Passed out at 8:30 pm,
only to wake up at 2:30 am wide awake. Still, AWESOME day.

This week is chock full as well. Dodgeball, a date, pumpkin carving party, oh my! Tis the season.... Enjoy your Monday my biatches.


Becky Rhead said...

The worst part about Jake as the new bachelor...other than the obvious reason "he sucks" is that they are referring to the series as "The Bachelor: The Wings of Love"


Kelly said...

That is some seriously bad news about SATC... say it ain't so!