Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Oh, How You Tease

From Levi Johnston's Twitter:

Now why he gots to do me like this? Doesn't he know I have a weak heart? That I'm injured right now and therefore suceptible to further injury if he posts Twitter's that refer to his 'wang?' Levi, I am very excited for your future Playgirl shoot but if you keep teasing me like you do, I fear that the sheer excitement will cause me to combust.

Yup, I'd still hit it.

The shoulder is still....attached. I guess that's the best of it. I'm going to see the Doctor and I'm thinking that now is the time to finally do something about it long-term...but we'll see what he has to say.

Did any of you see Bette Midler on So You Think You Can Dance last night?

It's always a wonder to see this firey beauty grace the stage. Almost gets me a little misty just thinking about it again...

Someone from SYTYCD that makes me cry but in the BAD way?

Shankman. I envision saying it like Seinfeld said "Newman." Shankman really grew on me last season because we didn't see him much and he said some pretty great things but now he's back....and more annoying than ever. It's bad enough we're on the big stage. It's bad enough Mia's gone. But to make me watch Shankman every week? I don't know that I can handle it. I feel another nemesis being added to the list.


Tonight dodgeball is having a Masquerade Ball.

It should be veeeeerry interesting.
I'm hoping the ball is a little more "Gossip Girl" masquerade

And a little less "Eyes Wide Shut" masquerade.

Terrifying. I'll never forget renting that movie with KTaylor our Sophomore year of college. I fell asleep halfway through and she watched the rest of the movie frozen in terror at the people having orgies with masks on. An orgy with masks on is highly unlikely tonight but with the dodgeball people, well, you just never know.


Chrislynn said...

I TOTALLY agree about Shankman!

Sorry about your shoulder, feel better soon! Dodge ball is a dangerous sport for you, first your finger, now this? Take care of yourself.

Q said...

the answer to Levi's question should be a resounding "YES!" Have fun tonight - I'm hoping for a few Eyes Wide Shut type stories from you :)

Kelly said...

Wait... that's Bette Midler?

Becky Youkstetter said...

Really? Shankman was killing me last night. So freaking funny.

OH and it's like we share a brain. I said to my friend "whoa, since when is Bette Midler on SYTYCD!?"