Monday, October 26, 2009

Paintball Wizard

Hoo Boy! What a weekend! I feel like I've been going going going since Friday at 5 pm but I'm not complaining. Still, it was one of those weekends where you need a "weekend from your weekend." Weekend. I just wanted to say it one more time. Definitely the highlight of my weekend (again with that word!) was Paintball yesterday in celebration of my friend JOcean's birthday. Bright and early (8:00 am on a Sunday?!) 20 of us met and traveled over land and sea to reach Cousin's Paintball in Staten Island, New York. I believe I said something to the effect of "We're taking a Ferry AND a Bus! I feel so Poor!" Along the way we encounted many amazing displays of fall color!

Paintball itself was an absolute blast. Our group loves any type of competition and Paintball allowed us to channel our inner war heroes. Brian jumping and diving over a barricade and shooting at the enemy? Oh yeah, it happened. Then More-O shot me in the shoulder and got me out.. Hellloooo...don't you know that true friends stab you in the front and not the shoulder? Really? Really? Get the with the program More-O.

No, YOU'RE a loser! Unfair ambush!!!

Guns and camo also allowed us all to channel our inner fashion models.

Smize!! Smize!!

Add a belt to any outfit to dress it up!

A simple touch of war paint can make you go from bored bored to BANG BANG!!

Throw in a headband, a hat, a cigarette and your gun and you've got the Paintball Look!

Remember Norway's hottest boy band, SH@Z@M? You may know them from past hits like

"Drink Your Fears Away"

"Flip Cup of Love"

ell, their ranks have changed yet again and they're BACK with a new single, dropping November 10th. Be on the look out for "Paintball My Heart" coming to an iTunes near you.

"So just paintball, paintball, paintball my heart
My safety's off and it's time to start
I'm deep in the trenches
I'm off of the benches
And I never want to part
So just paintball my heart."
It's going to be a #1 single, I can just tell.

After one more group picture we were back in the car and back to New York.

And by "group picture" I do mean "okay everyone pose like a terrorist!"


Heidi said...

I love you even if your are totally white trash in these photos. :)

More-O said...

You were out, and that is that. Quit yer crying and accept the fact that sometimes people run out of ammo! On the flip side - was there no mention of the fact that SH@Z@M keeps changing group members? Totally love "Paintball my heart" already!