Thursday, October 29, 2009

Sarah Palin Needs to Recognize

Bitch, no it's not! You best be recognizin'! Unlike the other men in your life, I will hit you, so watch it.

Last night was the Big Apple Dodgeball's Masquerade Ball. And if I do say so myself, I looked goooooooood.

I mean, come on. Amazing, right? Everyone really went all out last night, which was nice to see. Many celebrities were there including


Lady Gaga

and....The Elephant Man?

Okay, that I cannot take. I mean, that's just like, infinite amounts of creepy, no? I'm actually in the school of thought that Masks = Creepy, but putting on an elephant mask just takes it to a whole new level. THANKFULLY, however, there were no clowns there. Phew.

The usual suspects were there including More-O

Dom, and Jason

I was feeling good, feeling skinny all night and then this walked in

which prompted me to put down my piece of pizza and instead reach for a carrot stick.

After some apple bobbing in Swine Flu water

a few dances, and plenty more beer, I was starting to reach Drunk Level 4 (anger) so it was time for me to head home. Having drinks after work with some work friends, then tomorrow it's off to a spooky corn maze and Saturday is Halloween...for which the gang and I still have no plans! Someone throw a party!

Oh, and THIS?

Toooooottally on board.


Hollywood Sucker said...

Wait which one of those was Lady Gaga? Or was it all 3?

Q said...

looking fierce sweetie! so you get all dolled up for this, but still now Halloween Plans? I'm sure someone will do something...if not just get dressed up and walk around the city - i'm sure you'll find something