Friday, October 16, 2009

There's Goin' t' Be a Weddin'!

When I was in 11th grade, I was in the musical "Brigadoon." I played Mr. Lundie, a 70 year old man who helped tell the story of Brigadoon. At least I think that's what he did - I honestly don't remember much about my part. Anyway, I had many lines but the best one was when I got to run down the aisle and yell "there's goin' t' be a weddin'!" in my Scottish accent. Or what I tried to pass off as a Scottish accent. In actuality, I learned my Scottish accent by listening to Banshee from the X-Men cartoons. I doubt it was very convincing. But this past weekend, there was a weddin'!! And you know what that means...


Since I was born, my family has vacationed with another family from VA every summer. So needless to say, their daughters are like sisters to me. So it was no question that I would be traveling to their neck of the woods for this ho's

wedding. And as I informed her AT her wedding, 'ho' is an affectionate term so ya'll need to stop going "oh I can't believe he called her a ho." She's not an actual ho. Calm yourself. They're so cute. They're so in love. They're so white. "You white? You Ben Affleck."

First of all, Virginia is GORGEOUS. And for Lovers, apparently. The brides' family's house was gorgeous. And these three people....

...are gorgeous. Well, two out of three ain't bad. .

It was fun to have the family together again, who knows when the next time THAT happens will be! I learned a few things that first night during the rehearsal dinner/party.

1. Cornhole is Awesome.

In the south there is a game called "Cornhole." Sounds dirty. But it's amazing. You throw bean bags into holes. That's the gist of the game. Actually, that is the game. But we played countless games of it and I discovered that the drunker you get, the harder it is to play. Go figure.

2. After a few beers, popping into pictures is totally acceptable.

3. Screen Doors Done be See Through

Count with me now - 1, 2, 3. Three people walked into the screen door over the course of the weekend. Here is a picture of everyone trying to put the door back on its tracks. I, of course, thought this all was HILARIOUS. I thought that, because it IS.

4. When Taking a Picture with your Mother...

...there is no need to make your "sexy face."

The wedding itself was absolutely gorgeous. Perfect weather, perfect outdoor setting, and the bride and groom looked perfect. Also perfect?

The fact that my family had no clue we were standing by a handicap parking sign. Amazeballs. If I didn't look so tired this would be the perfect picture.

There. Much better in that one. Oh wait, my dad's missing.

Done and done. Represent.
The Mother of the Bride

Maid of Honor?


The bride?

Meh. I KID! She looked so wonderful and radient, I was like a proud gay brother. I also love that she wore orange flats as a way to infuse her own personal style. She was like, the perfect pride.

This picture is my favorite.
Their smiles are so sweet, so genuine. Bleh. Love. Who needs it.

After the wedding we jumped a hop and a skip next door to the reception.

The reception was SO. MUCH. FUN.
I may or may not have done the Single Ladies dance after a few glasses of wine. The bride was asked if I was hired to attend the wedding. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am available for hire at all wedding, mitzvas (both bar and bat) and birthday parties.

I do feel a liiiiiiiittle guilty that I caught the bouquet but in MY dropped to the floor and those girls just weren't moving fast enough. In reality I was teaching them a lesson - that if you don't move fast enough someone will come along and steal your bouquet. And by bouquet I mean guy. I was smart enough (after hearing the gasps and crickets at seeing a guy catch the bouquet) so hand it off to my sister (who looked amazing).

I'll steal it back at some point when she's not looking.

Notice the glass of wine. Problem? What problem?

The next day we had a lovely Sunday brunch, then it was time for my brother and I to hop back on the train. We grabbed our sack lunches

took one last group picture

then said headed to the train station!

Ugh. He was so annoying with those stupid headphones. I couldn't get two words out of him. We got back into the city a little after 2 am and headed back to my place. I went to open my bedroom door, but it was stuck. It happens, I'm used to it. I was so out of it, however, I couldn't figure out which way it opened. So I pushed. Nothing. Then I pulled. Nothing. So I pulled harder, and the door started to open....but the hinge also started to crack. YES, I opened my door the wrong way, breaking it in the process. SCORE. It was a small price to pay for an amazing wedding and an amazing weekend with my family. Congratulations Laurie and Mike! BriTunes loves you.

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