Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Welcome to the Funhouse

I've said it before, and I'll say it again but P!nk



I've always been a huge music fan, and a huge fan of concerts, even though I didn't go to my first one until I was 17 (yay Alanis!). It was right after we moved to Utah and I went with my friend Kerri from Old Navy. We were 8th row, and it was for the "Supposed Former Infatuation Junkie" tour. You know, this era:

A few months earlier my dad had attempted to buy my love, I mean, buy me a ticket to Janet Jackson but with Alanis coming up so soon, I wanted to wait for my first time. Plus, going to Janet Jackson with my father? Hello awkward. Anyway, I've been to probably 50 concerts in the last 10 years but P!nk's concert was DEFINITELY up towards the top. I went by myself, but was sitting by friends of an acquaintance who were really nice and helped make the concert extra enjoyable by being cute. I've discovered that I really don't have a problem going to concerts by myself. This is probably my 4th concert I've gone to alone and I love getting in there and just grooving out by myself. No worrying if your friend is having a good time or not. Just you, the music, and the 34,000 people next to you. Anyway, last night's concert was just the shit. You don't even know how great of a show P!nk put's on. Except for the scary clowns, it was one for the record books!

More-O and I are stars in this weeks' Next magazine.

And by "stars" I do mean that we go to bars and have our picture taken. We really do love the night life, we've got to boggie, on the disco aaaahhhh aiiiiiiiii....

I'm wearing a new bow tie today.

Pay no attention to how fat my face looks. Seriously. It's like I have jowls.

I think I'm getting sick. Which sucks. Especially with the fact that my brother comes to visit tomorrow! I'm sooo freakin' stoked. Another source of excitement?

The Kelly Clarkson concert tonight. Aw yeah. It's going to be epic.
If my job wasn't driving me insane, it just might be the perfect week!!


Chris and Kerri said...

Yes. I love when I get mentioned in the great Brian's blog! I remember the Alanis concert like it was yesterday! I am glad I could be your first...concert goer wither! :o) Looks like you are doing great!

Billy said...

I was there last night too!!! The bf is related to a peep who works for Pink, so we got to hang backstage before the show!

I heard it would have been even better if it was not for the fact she dislocated her shoulder before the North American leg of the tour.

More-O said...

We were the most attractive at that auction!