Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Where the Wild Wednesday's Are

Last night I attended the premiere of "Where the Wild Things Are."

You know that one book that we all read as kids?
I can't profess to really remembering the book that fact I don't know that I've ever read it. But looking at the pictures online I wish I had before seeing the movie because the way they interpreted the "wild things" was nothing short of amazing. Technology these days, I tell ya.... We all know what comes with these type of premieres....celebrities. One celebrity to me is my roommate, Page Six, who I noticed on the red carpet interviewing everyone before the film.

That's him right there! He had an unfortunate run-in with Tom Hanks, which I will always hold near and dear to my heart because Tom Hanks is overrated. There I said it. Deal with it.

Sitting in my seat before the movie, my date was like "hey, isn't that...?" And it was!

Mr. Will Shuster himself, Matt Morrison! I quietly Gleeked out in my seat as he passed me to find his seat. My love for that man runs deep. After the movie we were standing by Ms. Jean Grey herself, Famke Janssen.

That woman is GORGEOUS in person, and tall! (cue Margaret Cho yelling "you're too tall!")

After leaving the group to get some food, More-O last minute called and got us into the afterparty. Free food! Free drinks! Free celebrity stalking! Saw Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Spike Jonze (director of movie), Mike Myers, Catherine Keener, and various B-listers. Seeing Mike Myers was fun, but not boner inducing. We also saw James Gandolfini, who kinda scares me.

Very tall in person, with a very fat son.

Two people had me GaGa all night. The completely amazing and brilliant Catherine O'Hara...

who you all know from Home Alone (KEVIN!), Best in Show, Away We Go, Beetlejuice, Waiting for Guffman, etc. The woman can do no wrong. I was too intimidated to say anything, which I regret because the woman is brill.

And my new best friend, Lauren Ambrose.

I may or may not have gone up to Lauren and professed my love for her. I may or may not have told her how amazing she was in Six Feet Under but, more importantly, Can't Hardly Wait. May or may not. Or may. She was darling and charming and GORG.

All in all, a very fun afterparty. Had a great date, great food, and great fun. Thanks, More-O!

Hope you're all getting excited for Glee tonight!

I saw the episode on Monday and it's amazing. Seriously - this show just keeps getting better and better!!


annette said...

You should have told Lauren Ambrose that you loved her turn as a troubled teen in Party of Five. Everyone was a guest star on that show: Kate Hudsen, Jodie Sweeten (post-boob job!), James Marsden, Ricky from My So-Called Life...the list goes on.

Also, you should have told Spike Jonze I have a crush on him and yet I'm sorry his marriage to Sophia Coppola didn't work out. Can't wait to see the movie!

SB said...

Oh Bri, you live such a charmed life! I'm so jealous!

Kelly said...

Mmmm... Famke... YUM