Monday, November 9, 2009

1, 2, 3...

Hey Monday, how you doin'?

I had one of those weekend's where you blink and it's over but I guess that just means it was a good weekend, eh? Friday night the group and I had our annual B.A.N.D.I.T.S. get together (and by our I mean their as it was my first time being a BANDIT). Basically we put on headbands, did Skittle vodka shots, and went out to a bar in the East Village. And that's Bandits. But it was a great time and Thursday I was a hurtin.' Saturday I had dodgeball practice (where I learned how to throw left handed) and then went with the boys to a taping of Top Model.

That's the runway and the stage hands setting everything up. It was really cool to see an actual Top Model runway competition and I think you'll be surprised by the girls this season. There are a few standouts and a few surprises (hint: a model falls off the runway). The best part is that I'm toooootally going to be on camera - good thing I was smizing the entire time!

After Top Model, More-O and I hit up Page Six's birthday which had the most rocking Bulgarian Band ever. Random? Yes. Totally fun? Absolutely. Speaking of Page Six, I encourage you to visit his blog ( which has a hilarious interview with him and Cookie Monster from Sesame Street.

Totes adorbs.

Who caught Taylor Swift on SNL?

Um.....I die. She was so great!! Cute, charming, and completely committed to everything they gave her. Her opening monologue/song was hilarious...I may have watched it like forty times. And don't even get me started on her Shakira impression.

Taylor Swift, after much (much!) resistance, I'm afraid you have won me over. Congratulations.

Hey Ashlee Simpson!


So I was taught last week how to add a diagnostics thing to BriTunes and the results have been pretty funny. For instance, did you know that on Friday 87 people clicked on this blog? And over the weekend I had visitors from India, Australia, and Sweden?

You didn't before but you do now! So hola, bienvenue and g'day to all of my visitors from all the lands. I'm not offended that half of you spent 20 seconds or less on this site....just happy you came.

Had a very productive cleaning day yesterday (and also caught up on Dexter - holy shitballs!) and last night after Amazing Race (I heart Sam) with More-O and Page Six I watched Bruno.

Now I wasn't in any real rush to see this movie and now I can see why. Despite laughing my ass off at Borat, I think I giggled...maybe twice during this movie? Sasha Baron Cohen FAIL.

A little Dodgeball action tonight and the much anticipated THREESOME on Gossip Girl.

Who do you think it's going to be?! (My bet is on Dan, Olivia, and Vanessa) If they play Britney's "3," I might just die a little....inside.


annette said...

My guess is Little J, Chuck & Blair.

Ramsey said...

No way! Little J, Chuck & Blair was totally my guess too!

Oh and I'm dying to know who falls off the runway. My bet is Nicole even though I want her to win.

Q said...

are you implying that Britney's "3" is a bout a threesome???? Why I never ;)

WOW - it's been forever since I've seen GG - and now a threesome??? Maybe Kristen Bell will finally make a face appearance and join in...