Tuesday, November 3, 2009


And we don't want to see your face! So there!

Well hello to you kind readers! After a few days off, BriTunes is back and better than ever. Or at the very least, back. I had a fantastic Halloween weekend and a not so fun day off yesterday but that's what happens when you fill your day with copays and waiting room. Some weekend highlights:


I failed to mention on BriTunes Friday that it was my dear friend KristenTaylor's birthday.

Oh wait, that's not her, what am I thinking? I know I've got a picture of her around here somewhere....

THERE we go! In all seriousness though, I hope your birthday was wonderful and relaxing and I'm sure your hubby took good care of you. It has been quite the year for Miss Taylor and I but she knows I've got nothin' but love. Happy (belated) BriTunes birthday!

Friday night the gang and I took a field trip to Schmitt Farms in Farmingdale/ville/town, NY

for a Haunted House/Corn Maze type delio. We stopped at America's finest establishment for dinner before hand though. Ladies and gentlemen, Chili's. Do you even KNOW the last time I went to a Chili's?! I have to say though, it wasn't as good as I remembered. It mostly just made me feel fat. More-O made up for the experience though by acting the fool.

Straight out of the 1920's, ladies and gents. Remember when people would put wax lips in your Halloween bucket? Gross. They always went straight to the trash.
The Haunted House was actually REALLY scary

the corn maze? Less so.

My favorite is how Stacy L (The L stands for lesbian as I don't know her last name) would completely mock the "performers" but any time they scared her she would yell "validated." I thought it was a nice gesture to those hardworking carni freaks. My shoulder really started hurting so I called it a night shortly after returning home.


Halloween day itself was mostly just me running errands. A "trip to the gym" turned into shopping, a haircut, and stopping by the dodgeball practice to oogle all the cute boys in the league. My arm is still not up to speed (more on that later) so I didn't play but it's always fun to see everyone outside of the gym. More-O and I then decided to go shopping for some costume accessories and while in the costume shop who walked in but Penn Badgley and Blake Lively!

Penn looked GOOOOOOD and Blake had ugly shoes on. More-O and I then traveled to Chipotle for some dinner and there, RIGHT OUTSIDE THE WINDOW hailing a cab was one of my top 4 favorite actresses...NATALIE PORTMAN!

That's her crossing the street to find a cab. I couldn't get my phone out fast enough but she done be ril close. Sigh. I love her.
Saturday night was, as expected, a shit show. I almost lost my phone, got in an altercation with a guy on a bike I knocked over, and also had a great time.

I think the pervy gym teacher came out quite well.
Pervy, right?!

More-O was a dead lifeguard, Jocean was Maryanne from TRUE BLOOD,

Page Six was a Fantasia Waiter (also from True Blood - I need pictures, Page Six!) and Wiley was a boxer.

We met up with Kaka Kido and the girls at this massive loft party and she was Lady Gaga (one of about 85,000 I saw that night). She looked AMAZING and my only regret in the night is that I didn't get to spend more time with the girls! I don't remember what time I poured myself into bed but the night was definitely a success.
Went to a brunch in Brooklyn and was in bed early but my favorite part of the day?

Seeing the multiple walk of shames home. Amazing.

Went to the Doctor yesterday for my shoulder and, yup, it's messed up. Basically I tore something a while ago but it is just going to get worse and worse unless I get surgery. I'm thinking it's time to bite the bullet and do it because you know my bitch ass ain't getting any younger!!!
Going to a fabulous dinner party tonight and if the last one was any indication, I'm in for some good food, fun, and friends!! Plus lots and lots of cheese.


Q said...

love the new "BriTunes" Pic - Janice is one of my favs (as I'm sure we've discussed before...)

Really hoping your shoulder gets better - surgery sounds crazy, but if it makes it better in the long run then do it!

Anonymous said...

Pervy gym costume? PERFECT!!!

Sarah said...

when life hands you a shit day, sometimes there are high points. Like today I want to freak out and kill Georgia, but then you had a good blog... so i guess it all works out in the end. Good luck with the surgery.

Kristen said...

Thanks for the birthday shout-out!! And you are way to great as the perv...scary!