Tuesday, November 24, 2009



OMG, OH MY GOD, OMGLEE DAVID BECKHAM USED AN INHALER AT HIS SOCCER GAME THE OTHER NIGHT!! Alert the presses, stop drop and roll, and if you have a pacemaker don't use it around a microwave. Frickin la dee da. I can't even.

In REAL breaking news....check this out.

Last night at Dodgeball, my team (Stonewall) played the first place team, Eagle. Now please notice the standings.

Yes, my team is in 14th place. We try (most weeks) but sometimes we just can't get it up. Last night was our second time playing Eagle (we went 0-3 the first time). After they SPANKED us the first game I was like "oh, here we go." Well then by some miracle we won the second game. The third game rolls around and it's looking dead even. We get someone out on their side, they get two people out on ours. It's 3 - 4 and someone on Stonewall catches the ball, bringing me in to play. I was pissed and ready to kick some ass. They get someone out. We get someone out. It's 2 and 2. The crowd is chanting our name: "Stonewall. Stonewall. Stonewall." A ball is thrown at me and I catch it, the crowd screams and my team rushes on the court. What I didn't realize was that while the ball was being thrown at me, the other person on my team got the girl out on their team. Yes, that's right. I CAUGHT THE WINNING BALL!

I'm only so happy about it because A) Our team barely wins and B) I'm AWFUL. So for me to catch the winning ball...well...I'm pretty happy. :)

MRI today, date tonight, half day and Glee tomorrow....it's gonna be a good week!


Eduardo Osorio said...

This was so exciting to read! You should file your application for an all time GG writer maybe they'll take you? or they did already?! :)

Sykes said...

I got 2 mentions as 'some other person on stonewall'. I feel so honored :P

Chance said...


Bavaro said...

This might go down as the highlight of the season for me. I love that you read fourfour.