Thursday, November 19, 2009


This is how committed I am to you, the loyal readers of BriTunes. Despite the fact that I didn't get home until 1:30 in the morning from a very ego-bruising game night, I knew that I needed to watch Glee in order to get up a Glee-cap today for you. Also I didn't want an email from Jeremiah and Stephanie at 3pm going "Where is our Glee-cap??!!!" As it was though, "Ballads" ended up being another fantastic episode. While not as core-shaking as last week's episode was, I feel like there were plenty of amazing moments and any episode that moves the plot along is a welcome one in my book. Some highlights.

1. Oh Britney Britney

We all know that Britney is amazing. I just can't believe how much I hated her in the beginning and now my love for her runs so deep. I think she may even be my favorite character. The two moments she had in the beginning were brill.

Shue: "Ballad. Who knows what this word means?
Brit: "It's a male duck.
Shue pulls out the hat
Shue: I'm going to pair you off and I want you to pick a ballad to sing to your partner. Now I put all your names in a hat.
Brit: I bet the duck's in the hat."

I heart you Britney.

2. My....Endless Faces.

In addition to sounding amazing, Mr. Shue's faces to Rachel in "Endless Love" were amazing. SO funny.

3. Terri Makes a Funny

I'll admit, I haven't missed Will's wife, but last night she had me giggling with this line:
Terri: "Listen you little psycho, this is Will's wife and if I don't get enough sleep my antidepressents won't work and then I'll go crazy and KILL YOU."
4. I'll Stand By You

Finn was so cute singing this song and the part where he was singing to the sonogram was amazing. Finn's mom also had me laughing: "Finn, are you singing to a sonogram?

5. Britney is amazing, Part 2

Kurt's crush on Finn is totally cute and I can totally relate. I've been known to fall in love with a straight guy before (Lance Gordon, anyone?) but I was dying after this line.

Kurt: "Okay, it's true, I'm totally in love with Finn. I have been since the first time we met. I don't know why I find his stupidity charming. I mean, he's cheating off a girl who thinks the square root of 4 is 'rainbows.'"

6. Don't Stand...Don't Stand...Don't Stand So Close to ME

How great was Mr. Shue's mash-up? This man can SANG! Even better?

7. Face Face Beauty Face

Will: Rachel, do you understand the message that I'm trying to get across?
Rachel: Yes. It means that I'm young and it's hard for you to stand close to me.
Will: Sigh. Emma, will you help me out here? Is that the message you got?
Emma: You're a very talented performer.

8. It's Just...

Rachel singing to Will in the back seat was so brill. I appreciate that they didn't have her sing the whole song as we understood what she was doing with those few lines. Will: "Children have to sit in the backseat." Rachel: "Children under 7."

9. Mercedes Gets It

I enjoyed Mercedes telling Puck to leave Quinn alone. Mercedes: "Youre the baby daddy, but Finn's the father." It'll be interesting to see how the reveal that Puck is the daddy goes.

10. Why Hello Finn Hudson

Finn freaking out in the bathroom was so endearing. Kurt: "Just remember the power of the ballad." Finn: "I have to go, they'll think I'm pooping."

11. Mom Jeans

Quinn's parents kicking her out was sad (except for that shrill crying from Quinn - eek!) but I was more touched by Finn's mom taking Quinn in. Who knew there was an adorable character behind those mom jeans?

12. Advice For Us All

Will: "I know it's not always easy for you Rachel. And I know there are some things about yourself that you'd like to change. But you should know there is some boy out there that who is going to like you for everything you are. Including those parts about you that you don't even like. Those'll be the parts of you he likes the most." AW!

13. When You're Not Strong

Loved the last song. Loved the stripped down nature of it. And LOVED Quinn and Finn's interactions with the Glee club members while they were singing it. Good for Artie for having another solo. ANd GOOD LORD Mercedes can BLOW!
This show is amazing. Touches me more than a show has in a VERY long time and I know that I'm not alone in thinking that. Yay Glee! Glee kids hooray!


Q said...

I watched the beginning with Britney 4 times.

Kevin Doyle said...

Not for me (not surprisingly - I'm far too old to get into it all). I honestly tried, after reading so many Glee-Caps. Don't hate me. (and am I the only one who thinks most of these High school students are pushing their late 20s?)

However, a show that I like more than any other on tv right now is BIG BANG THEORY. Sit-com, so no real serious thoughts at play. In just about all ways it can't compare to a show like GLEE. But the writing is consistently tight and witty, the characters are a-typical for tv, and there is heart to it. Lots of laughs. I don't often laugh out-loud at stuff on tv but this one has me rolling. Check it out, give it a chance.

Stephanie said...

Thanks, Brian!

annette said...

This episode made me cry several times. Loved it.