Friday, November 20, 2009

Happy Birthday Betch

I'd like to wish some very special people a birthday today.

Ming Na Wen (Mike Risk anyone?)

Dan Byrd who makes me laugh every week on "Cougar Town"

And of course the wonderful and amazing Joel McHale so I'm soooo in lurve with.

Hmm.....I think that's everyone celebrating a Birthday today....oh wait. Except for THIS GUY:

Yes, the rumors are true. It is indeed my bday. I am NOT, however, turning 30. I don't know why my friends think that's funny but apparently they don't know my issue with aging. :) It has been a lovely day so far though with many, many friends sending me Facebook messages and I've definitely felt the love. I even got a few unexpected phone calls which just warmed my heart. Amanda, I'm happy to hear that you're alive and I LURVED hearing your voice. Thanks for the message. My girls at work decorated my desk with candy and hooked me up with a Chipotle gift card. Um....YUM! Dinner with the besties and a big party tonight - should be an epic night! Plus I'm wearing an amazing new sweater

and I look hot. Done and done.

For some reason though, the celebrites in my life feel the need to play with my emotions. Case in point:

GAGA!! UGH!! Her tickets sold out last week in 3 minutes so they added two new shows at Radio City. We tried again this morning and NOTHING!!!! What kind of a freakin' birthday present is THAT Gaga??!!! Boo on you. AND THEN

OPRAH??!! NOOOOOO!!!!! It was announced last night that at the end of Oprah's 25th season she'll go off the air. I'm devastated. I remember a time when I used to watch her EVERY DAY. Seriously that bitch was DVR'd up the wahoo. For my birthday in 2004 I recieved the best present ever, her 20th Anniversary DVD. The DVD had its own chair at my party. 'twas amazing.
Thanks to all of those who have wished me a happy birthday. It's nice to feel loved. :)


Anonymous said...

Is that a ginger beard you are sporting?

Beachquack said...

I remember Oprah having her own chair... Good Times. Happy Birthday Sweets!

Pinky Lovejoy said...

Happy birthday, Brian! I hope you have a day filled with all your favorite things (including some sexy Levi dreams). :)