Monday, November 23, 2009

Hot Mess Baby Tonight

People, I done be CRAZY at work today so the Birthday recap will have to wait a bit. In the meantime though, let's talk American Music Awards. Obviously hot topic of converstaion today is Adam Lambert's performance of "Let me Outgay you...." I mean..."For Your Entertainment."

Hot Mess #1

Adam's new album is amazing. It really is. It's fun, mature, entertaining, has depth, emotion, etc. While I was never Adam's #1 fan on American Idol, I think he could be a great artist. But that performance last night...I mean...what WAS that?? I get that you're a big Mo Adam, but was making out with your keyboardist and groping your dancers really the best thing for your first performance of this song? Ai Dios Mio...I just didn't get it.

Hot Mess #2

Remember when Whitney Houston could sing? Poor thing last night S-TRUGGLED through her song, but she got there. I think the audience was more applauding the fact that she wasn't dead than they were her actual singing.

Hot Mess #3

Princess RiRi, WHAT are you wearing? WHY did you sound like that? WHAT happened to you?! Once upon a time it was Rihanna's performance that everyone was raving about but after last night...I dunno...

Hot Mess #4

Miss Janet, you ARE nasty!! What in Robin Hood are you wearing? And will you ever sing live again? Alas, only time will tell.

Hot Mess #5

Oh Kelly. Oh....oh....Kelly. I just...can't...I....eek.


Without going too PerezHilton on your ass, let me just (yet again) profess my love for Lady Gaga. I'm just amazed at how this bitch can turn it out EVERY performance I see of her. Last night was no exception and Page Six can attest to my freaking out during her singing "Speechless." She does things to me inside.

And this?

I can't even express my excitement.


Kevin Doyle said...

re; the Adam Lambert picture.

Whatever he stuffed in his pants seemed to have shifted.

Anonymous said...

Lady Gaga really looks like a man in that pic!

Q said...

did you see the preview where RuPaul bitch slaps a ho?? Oh, I'm so EXCITED for it!!