Thursday, November 12, 2009

How to Embarass Yourself at a Wedding in 7 Steps

There are many different ways to embarass yourself at a wedding. For instance, you could have a Dance-Off with the Maid of Honor's boyfriend.

Or you could perform the Single Ladies dance with the bride.

Or perhaps you'd prefer to be the only boy to catch the bouquet. This last one is not a simple one to accomplish but with practice, you too can embarass not only yourself but also your family. Here's how:

Step 1.
Show up without a date

Step 2.
Take full advantage of the wine bar (6 -7 glasses if possible)

Step 3.
Get in a good position

Step 4.
Outstretch your arms

Step 5.
Push anyone and everyone out of the way

Step 6.
Hold your head high in victory

Step 7.
Realize your mistake, hand the bouquet to the first girl you see, and run away as fast as you can to distance yourself from the situation.

See?! It's as simple as that!! Follow my 7 easy steps and one day YOU TOO can drunkenly embarass yourself at a wedding!


Q said...

been there. done that.

Job well done BBahr.

A Gay Mormon Boy said...

I can sympathize. I split my pants this weekend catching the garter at a wedding. It was a foot-long tear in the front revealing my teal underwear.

Chrislynn said...

So Funny! It sounds like a scene from a rom-com movie.

Anonymous said...

The look on Melissa's face as you are giving her an elbow to the temple is priceless.