Friday, November 13, 2009

I Wanna Take a Ride on Your Hockey Stick

Oh. My. Gay.

Word on the street is that Levi Johnston posed for his first Playgirl shoot yesterday and it included an ice rink and a hockey stick. Um.....yes please!! Honestly I don't know how much longer I can wait for this and I knoooow I'm not alone, don't even front.

I'm mad at Lady Gaga.

AND her disco stick.

I used to hate the Gaga, it's true. I just didn't understand the hype. But after viewing some of her live performances, and succumbing to her LoveGame, I fear that I've fallen in love. Now with her new single "Bad Romance" and hearing some songs off her new album....I have fully committed to the Haus of Gaga. So when I went to buy tickets to her Radio City concert today at 12pm ON THE DOT and they were sold out at 12pm ON THE DOT, you can understand my disappointment and anger. The only tickets I found?

Disability wheelchair seats. I even went so far as to think "hmm....who can I rent a Wheelchair from?" but quickly dismissed that idea. So alas, I'm afraid I'll just have to find my Lady Gaga tickets someplace else.

Hey you.

Hate your face.

Counting down the minutes until I can leave and start my weekend. Even though I had a four day work week, it has felt like the longest week EVER! Is it because my birthday is a week away? Perhaps. At any rate, I am very excited for the fun to begin.

PS. Levi! Call me!


Anonymous said...

Ice + naked man-member = SHRINKAGE.

Q said...

once again I find myself convinced we were somehow separated at birth; except I totally feel in love with Gaga after seeing the 1st video and her performance at the 1st Logo Awards.

And you KNOW i'm STOKED for Levi...

One last note - I really only started disliking K-Stew b/c you hated her face...but the more I see her and read about her....ECK...I think the world might be better off without her and her ugly face