Monday, November 23, 2009

It's My Party, I'll Blog if I Want To

Oh hey you. Come on in, welcome to my party.

My birthday turned out to be a fantastic success and might I just say it was the first birthday in a long time where I haven't cried on my birthday. I don't know why I cry on my birthday. I'm usually either A) sad about growing older B) overwhelmed by the kindness from my friends or C) all of the above. But this year I kept my emotions in check and just had a fantastic time! The girls were so good to me at work during the day, I had dinner with 12 of my closest friends and then my party. Oh wow, my party. I'd close almost 100 people came over the course of the night and we all had such a fantastic time.
We had our own little area sectioned off and there were drink specials all night so everyone was feeling great.

I had asked the DJ to play "Gaga, Britney, Beyonce, and 80's" and OMG did he deliver. Every song was amazing and when he started to play Glee songs? I died. At the end of the night he played like, five in a row and we had a giant sing-a-long to "Lean on Me." Amazing.

It really touched me to see all the people that came out to celebrate my birthday. You know who your true friends are at times like that...

Again, the outpouring of love that day was just amazing and thank you everyone who called, emailed, Facebooked, or simply thought about me on Friday. I feel the love!


Anonymous said...

You look like a hot lumberjack... well, maybe more of a lumberjill.

Anonymous said...

You look hot in your last pic...well I guess all of them!! :0)

Q said...

what's with the anonymous admirers? Your party sounds amazing....Glee Sing-A-Long? That's how every party should end!

Anonymous said...

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