Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Leave it to...YIKES!

Clicking through TMZ this morning, I came across this little diddy:

I thought to myself - "hey that's the kid from Leave it to Beaver. Is he the one who grew up to be kind of cute?" I knew there was one child star, couldn't remember who, that grew up to be a bit of a hottie. I came to discover, quite quickly in fact, that this person was NOT the Beave.

EEEEEEYIKES! Where'd you get those teeth, England?

For the record, I was thinking of Peter Billingsley from "A Christmas Story."

I'd totally buy him a Red Rider, Rover, whatever bebe gun. Yum!!


annette said...

I was going to make some joke about sticking your tongue to his flagpole, but then I decided that was too graphic this early in the morning.

Whoops. Looks like I said it anyway.

Kevin Doyle said...

Okay - my turn to (sort of?) impress again.

In my Kansas City days I did a lot of shows at a dinner theater (I say very proudly - we did GREAT stuff). They often had over-the-hill tv stars in their shows (still do). Like Love Boat or today's Dancing With The (has-been) Stars.

Anyway, the theatre company ran two theaters in those days and I was in one of the shows with Chip and Ernie Douglas from My Three Sons and Beaver, Wally and Mrs. Cleaver were in a show at the other theater. Both casts were doing a charity bowling thing one weekend (I know, can it get anymore bizarre?) when some guy walks by, takes a look at Beaver, turns to his friend and says, 'the Beav looks fried.' Really cracked Ernie Douglas up.

You can't make this stuff up.

Kelly said...

I totally just Google-image-searched Peter Billingsley.