Monday, November 16, 2009

On the Street Where You Live

Never a dull moment in New York. While walking home from running errands yesterday I saw a bunch of fire trucks and police cars on my street. Then I came across this mess:

Homo say what? It looked like a friggin' earthquake had happened. Add to this the break-ins and killer mosquitos and I start to think that the 259 is haunted, yo!!

This weekend was off the hizzay. So much fun ensued I'm surprised we found time to fit it all in. Benji had an awesome party on Friday and we were instructed to show up as nerds. You know my friends and I love a theme party so we made sure to do it up right.

I love love LOVE Craig's face here. It almost rivals the 'Jenny Face' of yore. More-O looks pervy - taking lessons from my pervy gym coach?

Saturday I didn't do ANYTHING which was amazing. I'm obsessed with the frozen yogurt place next door to my house. Obsessed. I'm convinced that the reason I'm not losing weight is because I visit it 3, 4 times a week. After leaving my house last week, Benji sent me this text.

It warmed my heart a bit to know I wasn't alone in this world. (DIY = Do It Yourself. I only explain because it took me a hot second to figure it out)
Saturday night was Dana's party where I tried out my lumberjack look.

Brian Bear. Funny Ben, real funny. Almost as funny as More-O saying that on Friday I'll be celebrating my "30th birthday." My friends are bastards. Friday I will be turning 28 though and I had a sobering thought this weekend: I can no longer consider myself to be in my "mid-to-late 20's." I am now fully in my "late 20's." God I hate growing up.
One of the reasons I love my friends is that even though we are growing up, there are times when we can celebrate just how much we're not 'grown ups.' Case in point - B.A.N.D.I.T.S. night. I just saw pictures from this event and we looked hooooot.

Just 'cuz. When I see More-O at Dodgeball tonight we will have hung out 21 days in a row. 21 days! That shit ain't right but we have a blast together - "COME AND GET YOUR POPCORN!"
Hit up some Sunday karaoke yesterday and it brought me back to my days in Utah when we would go to karaoke EVERY Sunday. Those were the times, eh kids?
New music has taken over my life this weekend:

John Mayer

And the new Gaga

Gaga's amazing (AMAZING) Rihanna's really good, and Mayer is growing on me. I'm not sure when they're released but I'd recommend all three.
Off to the gym I go - I have a twitch in my cheek. Does that mean I'm having a stroke?

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