Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Post Halloween Tale

A new set of Halloween pictures have been released which, in turn, ask some new questions like:
"We took the Subway?"

"No seriously, WHEN did we take the Subway?"

"Just how many lady Gaga's WERE there throughout the course of the night?"

"When did we go to Craig's house?"

"Why did everyone fall asleep standing up at Boiler Room?"

"Whatever happened to that guy on the bike that Brian knocked over?"

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, real live drama.
So we're heading to a loft party, feeling no pain, and we're getting ready to cross the street. The walk light comes on, so I start to cross when BAM!!! All of a sudden, out of nowhere, a guy on a bike (who was speeding through the red light) slams into me. He goes flying, his bike goes flying, his beer goes flying, and we're all in shock.
He lays there for a bit, Chris starts to see if he's okay, when he jumps up and charges me. I just kind of stand there dumbfounded like "did this really happen?" I'm apologizing, making sure he's okay (blood was running down his face) when I realize "oh my lawd, this guy might really try to fight me." If it wasn't for Chris calming the guy down (and the 6 tall homos I had for backup) some trouble could have brewed. As it was though, I was in my fighting stance and ready to go.

We gave him his beer off the ground, he opened it and asked "what am I supposed to do with this now?!" Uh.....drink it? You opened it, idiot. He glared at us, yelled "this isn't over!" and we were on our way.
No joke, I thought I saw the guy yesterday and thought to myself "Oh Jesus, it really isn't over!!!" Luckily, it was just another random guy on a bike. But we shall meet again drunk ethnic on bike, oh YEESSSS we shall......


Q said...

you gays DO look VERY intimidating...and I infer from this story that the man & his bike went flying as you didn't budge and uninjured? Did you turn all Colossus-Organic-Steel on him or what?

Chrislynn said...

The guy ran into you and wanted to beat you up because he was an idiot? I am glad you survived Halloween night.