Thursday, November 5, 2009

What the Face?!

So for the past few months I've had a minor rash on my face, right near my nose. I had visitied a dermatologist and she said I had impetigo and gave me a cream to use. A week later, it was still there, so I was given a different cream. Two more times, four different creams. One of them minimized it and stabalized it, so I kept using that one. Cut to a few weeks later and the rash spreads

(note: That's not me, but it looks just like my rash!) Anyway, I visited a different dermatologist who diagnosed me right away, gave me antibiotics a creme, and sent me on my way. She mentioned that it would get worse before it gets better and I'm currently in the "getting worse" stage, which is oh so fun. The best part about this though, is that I'm online today researched my "condition" and I came across just what made the rash get to the epic level that it is. And I quote:

"One of the most common factors is prolonged use of topical steroid creams"

Uh.........HELLO!! That is exactly what the first dermatologist gave me and has been having me slather on my face for the past two months. So basically I'm pissed. Not only did I pay almost $200 bucks in co-pays and perscriptions, but the doctor that I was hoping to help me just made matters worse. I seriously feel like Season 4 Top Model Michele.

So my question to you, is do I write/call the other doctor and rip her a new one or do I just let it go and hope that this new doctor knows what she is doing?
And until I'm cured, please avoid all direct eye contact. We should return to your regularly programmed face shortly.


Pinky Lovejoy said...

I had something similar happen with a chiropractor - he made me come every day and jacked me up WAY worse than before. When I finally got help from someone else they told me how much he messed me up. I was pissed, but let it go. I couldn't even look at his stupid money grubbing face. Perhaps your doc can be added to your nemises list? :)

Heidi said...

I would call the bitch out! That is not ok.