Wednesday, November 25, 2009

You're Joking, Right?

Adam Glambert was on the early show this morning to discuss his SCANDALOUS performance on the AMA's. I was struck by the title they chose to post:

"Straight Talk" with Adam Lambert? Isn't that a tad....ironic? Don'tcha think? Its like raaaaaaiiiiiiin on your wedding day. It's a freee riiiiiide when you've already paid

It's the good adviiiiiice that you just didn't take...and who would've thought

It figgurs......

Sorry, I got a bit distracted. It's the day before Thanksgiving - what do you expect from me?

CBS then started showing some of the "offensive" moments from Adam's performance and they had the biggest blur I've ever seen around them.

I mean, what is that even? It was a kiss between Adam and his keyboardist. It's not like he was peeing on him. People just need to take a deep breath and relax. I was more offended by who Adam chose to make out with. Nasty ass keyboardist? Nein. Might I make a suggestion?

Sigh. Kris Allen. I miss you so. Too bad I don't care enough about your music to buy your album!

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Kelly said...

Crazy Alanis in the car... Lurves!