Thursday, December 31, 2009

Bye, Bye Miss 2009

2009 is almost done.

Did you guys hear Michael Jackson died this year?

I had planned on doing a giant BriTunes recap a la last year but I came to the conclusion that any list or group of pictures couldn't possible recount the amount of fun and laughs I've had this year. I've been very blessed to be surrounded by amazing people this year, and have had many great opportunites come my way. A few highlights of my year:

*Craig's parties: Suspenders and Mustaches/Daisy Dukes/B.A.N.D.I.T.S.

*DC Doug's February visit

*Britney concert/Tori Concert/Jason Mraz concert/Kelly Clarkson concert/P!nk concert

*Multiple drunk brunches

*Pat's wedding

*Moving in with Page Six

*Laurie's wedding

*Trips to Ohio and Wisconsin

*Trips in Madge (Paintball, Six Flags, Haunted House)

*Amazing times in Dodgeball

*Harry Potter premiere

*My perfect birthday party

*Pat's New York visit

*Dodgeball masked ball

*Spring Break 2009 Part 2: The Duel



*Spanksgiving 2009

*Pride at Andrew's house

*Blogging for Tyra

*Countless Karaoke's and game nights

I'm convinced I know some of the greatest and funniest people on the planet. I'm so thankful to everyone who has made me into who I am today. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Tonight I'm having a dinner with the group and then we're heading to a few parties, one of them being Anthony Rapp's. It's so crazy to me that 10 years ago I was in Salt Lake with Heidi and Ramsey and when the ball dropped at midnight I sang "5, 4, 3, open sesame! Happy New Year...." and now this year I'll be celebrating New Years Eve with the man who sang that lyric on stage.
Truly a full circle moment. Happy New Year everyone!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Well now, BriTunes has had a bit of a vacation, hasn't it? I hope that you a restful and enjoyable holiday and that you're looking forward to the New Year. Seeing as I have spent the past two days at work being totally lazy and unproductive, I fear today is the day when I actually have to do WORK so that when my boss comes back to the office he doesn't hate me for not getting anything done. Therefore, a quick recap, of How I Spent My Winter Vacation.

After nearly missing my flight (damn you Newark airport and your confusing terminals and long security lines) I made it to Ohio safe and sound. Basically Tuesday-Thursday consisted of this

and this

with a little of this

and a little more of this

What can I say, I love my dog, sleeping, and booze. If you were in my situation you would take advantage of the same things. Tuesday was my parent's 30th Anniversary (30 years, holy macanoli!) and my mom took advantage of this by trying on her wedding dress.

I mean, she's totally adorable but am I the only one that's reminded a liiiiittle bit of Geena Davis I'm Beetlejuice?

I'm just sayin.'

As with any Christmas holiday, you crave Christmas food. So it was only apropos that on Wednesday night we venture out into the cold and have Japanese food.

Longest. Dinner. EVER. The manager tried to buy our love at the end of the meal by giving the entire table free beers. Yeah, cause that's just what we want after waiting 30 minutes for our bill, an excuse to stay at the restaurant more.

Christmas Eve came and so of course that meant my sister and I had to buy new outfits to wear to church.
It's tradition, and I'm not one to break tradition! Page Six made a comment that we both look ready to join the Rhythm Nation and I might have to agree with him.

Up until this year we would open presents from the family Christmas Eve and then Santa would come Christmas morning. As we're all old now and like to sleep, we decided to open presents Christmas Eve and then ate dinner on the couch watching "Christmas Vacation."

After that we read "twas the Night Before Christmas" in accents. I think it's the start of another amazing tradition!

I have nothing funny to say for this picture. It speaks for itself.

My aunt and uncle came over Christmas Day, and then the next day it was time for me to head to the airport. Long story short - I spent six hours in the Columbus airport, was boarded on the plane and taxied out to the runway, then taken off the plane again and made to wait more. I finally said "enough is enough" and asked to have my flight changed to Monday. This way, I could stay another day and see my cousins and still be to work (relatively) on time Monday morning.

My cousins didn't think I was coming and so being the drama queen that I am, I couldn't just walk in the door...I had to surprise them!!

I love that my Cousin Dan is clutching his pearls.

What a good looking group!!

We played some games, I played with my cousin's two adorable kids

and of course ate and drank a whole lot more.

After more family pictures (miss you Pat and Justine!)

it was time for me to get on a plane (f'real this time) and head back to the NYC.

Of course it's always bittersweet to come home. New York is loud, rough, and everything moves that much faster here. You miss the simplicities of home, the free food (and laundry) and the comfort of being around your family. But when I arrived Monday I took a deep breath and realized that "God, I really did MISS New York." I missed the simplicities of New York, the amazing food, and the comfort of being around my friends - of looking them in the eyes and knowing that I've found another family that will do anything for me (and vice versa). New York doesn't come without its challenges, but for the first time in a long time, I know I'm exactly where I should be.

Monday, December 21, 2009

"Peter's gay, dad. GAAAAAYYYY!"

Woah!! Way harsh, Tai!!

I'm sure ya'll have heard by now, but Brittany Murphy gone and done died!!! They're saying it was a heart attack and that no drugs were involved, but I'm a little hesitant to believe it. I mean, who dies of a heart attack at 32?! Back in the day I watched Clueless probably 62 times in the course of a month - I loved me some Clueless. I even recorded the movie on to an audio cassette and listened to the movie as I fell asleep. Obsessed. And Drop Dead Gorgeous? I mean, amazing. (hence the subject line of this blog) She may have been super crazy, but she'll be missed. Can 2009 end already so celebs will stop dying?!

This weekend was...I mean....there are no words. Holiday parties, good friends, lots of food, and lots of snow!! Page Six and I exchanged presents on Saturday and he gave me...

America's Funniest Home Video Dvd's!!! Amazeballs. You know I done popped one of those in right away. Saturday night was the giant NYC snowstorm but I braved the elements to attend a few parties. While walking a bit later, I came across this place

New Directions!!! It's like Glee!!! It's also a rehab center so when it's time for me to go, I think I know which one I'm going to pick!

Yesterday was the annual HoliDavid at DBrandon's house. We had food, drinks, and...

American Idol karaoke!!!!

It was a tough competition, but when all was said and done, I came in first!! Awwwwww yeah! I won...a thong and some movie card game...but I won!! The title always means more than the prize.

Saturday our furnace busted and scalding hot water was shooting across our apartment. While attempting to fix, I burned the hell out of my fingers. In the below picture, I'm explaining my bliters to Lynne

The look of horror on her face is priceless. It wasn't that bad, but at the time it hurt like hell!

After the competition was over, we were sitting around talking and this foul smell appeared out of nowhere. No one fessed up to it, and so we started looking at where the smell originated from...

I don't know that we ever found out what the hell was stinking up the apt. Fun times had by all, but holy mackinoly I'm tired today!!

This picture...

does things to me. Makes my heart melt and my pants tight.

I leave for Ohio first thing in the morning tomorrow to visit the fam for Christmas. Hard to believe this will be the 5th time I've seen them this year - a new record. My brother won't be with us because he likes his new family better, but I'll be able to see my dog and that's all that really matters. I'm really hoping to unplug for a bit when I go home. My head has been a big ol mess lately and I'm hoping that some time away from things will help to clear it a bit. Before I go though...a gift from me to you.

AH!! What the - ? That's not the picture I was going to put there! That's one scary ass Santa! I wonder how that picture got there...

*gasp* Nemesis. I shoulda known. Why I're getting nothing but coal this year Beckham!!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy Birthday Husband!!!

I'd like to wish a Happy Birthday to my husband, Jake Gyllenhaal.

Jakey-Poo, I'll love you foreva and eva!

I just finished some Chipotle, it's snowing outside, and I'm watching Intervention. Christmas came early, yes?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Tis Better to Give Than Receive?

I like receiving presents. I mean, hello. I'm human, who doesn't like receiving gifts? I'll never deny this fact. But I have to admit, I really thinking I like giving them a whole lot more. When you find the perfect present for someone, there's nothing better than the anticipation of giving it to them, or seeing their faces when they open it. I've got two people this year where I'm like "done. PERFECT present." I'm so excited to give it to them, I don't know that I can wait any longer. I've never been good with that whole "patience" thing.

Last night I went out for drinks with my homegirls from work. Maria Conchita Gonzalez, who used to sit next to me, decided to try some sushi. Now, she doesn't normally eat sushi as she's allergic to shellfish, but she thought that taking out the fish would make it okay. Yeah. I dunno. So we're all sitting there talking, when all of a sudden she grabs my arm and is like "oh mah gawd. Oh mah gawd. What did I just eat? Oh mah gawd." Homegirl done ATE THE GIANT ROLL OF WASABI!! Idiot. Lucky she only swallowed about half of it but watching her squirm for ten minutes was kiiiiiind of hilarious.

After drinks I was done with the day. Cold. Exhausted. It was time for pad thai and the couch. Luckily Page Six was home so we watched a little telly and then watched Jersey Shore. Now I've seen this show before but for some reason it was frakkin' hilarious last night. Oh my God, we were dying. My favorite was the cockblocker "Barb." Well, this morning he sent me this:

and I almost busted a gut. AMAZING.
This day (hell, this week) has put me through it. I can't believe how busy I've been. But it's almost done (so close!) and then I just have Monday to get through and then it's off to Ohio. Bitch can't wait. Hopefully you guys were able to maintain some of your sanity this week. Peace out biotches.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Life Ain't Fair

Today I get to hang out with this:

More-O today get's to hang out with this tonight

At the premiere of Sherlock Holmes.

You know....sometimes life just ain't fair.

So You Think You Can...WHAT??!!!!

You know what?


I haven't blogged much about this season of So You Think You Can Dance, mostly because it has been just downright awful. The contestants have been bland and boring and I really feel like the talent of the past few seasons was missing this year. Letting this motha trucka in as permanent judge

was just downright mean and awful. I ended up being able to tolerate him in small doses last year but now even the sight of him makes me sick. Mia Michals left, which is great for her, but gave me exactly 0 choreographers to look forward to.

Mary and Nigel reached excessive levels of obnoxiousness, I hated the stage, and thanks to all the changes Nigel made (yes, I blame him) this show went from one of my absolute favorites to one I would just fast forward through, if I watched at all. And now Russell wins. Russell, he with the miraculously fast healing leg, wins over my beloved Jakob.

The kid was the shit. He has more talent in one of his perfectly pointed toes than Russell has in all of his unwashed braids. I call for a recount!!!

Zoobilee Zoo! the corners of my mind....

I used to watch this shit EVERY DAY when I was little. Please to enjoy.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Don't know if you heard the news yesterday...
BAM. Golden Globe Nomination.

BAM. Golden Globe nomination.

BAM. Golden Globe nomination.

I know, I know, I'm a day late, a dollar short and blah blah blah but I wasn't at work yesterday. I took the day off so I could recuperate from the end of season Dodgeball party and booooooyy did I need it. Those dodgeballers really know how to party and I'm definitely going to miss being around them every week.

Why does my face look like that?

Next season should be interesting with my surgery and everything. Plus all of the newbies will think they're hot shit now that they're not new anymore - CAN'T WAIT. I'm happy to announce, however, that I am an award winner. Monday at the party they gave out awards for Shortest shorts, Biggest Flirt, Best Catcher on the Court, etc. My award?

The Person Most Likely to be Upset They Didn't Win an Award award.

The prize? A mirror. Amazing. I totally died - thought it was hilarious.

More-O was also an award winner - Best Flip-Cupper. He couldn't have recieved any truer award and I'm so proud!

The mirror I won was the greatest. It had a big mirror in the front and three little mirrors on the back so that even if someone else needed to see your mirror, you could still see yourself on the back!! And then....oh....then....the horror.

Some drunk ass knocked my mirror out of my hand!!!! Devastated!!!

Today has been a day for me. On edge and totally behind. I can tell people are starting to get the holiday spirit but unfortunately that just means that they're loud and annoying while I'm trying to get stuff done. Oh yeah, and I had a bagel for breakfast and haven't been to the gym in four days.

Sigh. I'm such a failure.