Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Don't know if you heard the news yesterday...
BAM. Golden Globe Nomination.

BAM. Golden Globe nomination.

BAM. Golden Globe nomination.

I know, I know, I'm a day late, a dollar short and blah blah blah but I wasn't at work yesterday. I took the day off so I could recuperate from the end of season Dodgeball party and booooooyy did I need it. Those dodgeballers really know how to party and I'm definitely going to miss being around them every week.

Why does my face look like that?

Next season should be interesting with my surgery and everything. Plus all of the newbies will think they're hot shit now that they're not new anymore - CAN'T WAIT. I'm happy to announce, however, that I am an award winner. Monday at the party they gave out awards for Shortest shorts, Biggest Flirt, Best Catcher on the Court, etc. My award?

The Person Most Likely to be Upset They Didn't Win an Award award.

The prize? A mirror. Amazing. I totally died - thought it was hilarious.

More-O was also an award winner - Best Flip-Cupper. He couldn't have recieved any truer award and I'm so proud!

The mirror I won was the greatest. It had a big mirror in the front and three little mirrors on the back so that even if someone else needed to see your mirror, you could still see yourself on the back!! And then....oh....then....the horror.

Some drunk ass knocked my mirror out of my hand!!!! Devastated!!!

Today has been a day for me. On edge and totally behind. I can tell people are starting to get the holiday spirit but unfortunately that just means that they're loud and annoying while I'm trying to get stuff done. Oh yeah, and I had a bagel for breakfast and haven't been to the gym in four days.

Sigh. I'm such a failure.

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Q said...

your prize - perfect - from FB pics I thought maybe it was some kind of vanity award :)