Thursday, December 3, 2009


Some people I know had a porblem with last night's Glee, but I happened to really enjoy the episode. Sure it was one of the more serious episodes, but I laughed a lot, it had a great musical number, and the plot line moved along FINALLY providing some resolution to this stupid baby story line. A few Glee-lightful highlights:

1. Patches

Kurt: Peter Gellar - Glee Club second tenor 1988. Shortly after the yearbook came outer, Mr. Gellar had a nervous breakdown. He is now the homeless man that sleeps outside of the library.
Quinn: Patches?
Kurt: Patches.
Britney: He barks at my mom.

I love you Britney!!

2. Ebony and Ivory

Showing all of the different clubs Rachel had joined was hilarious, but it was the Black Student Union that had me rolling.
3. At First...

I thought this was going to be a fun little song at first (Lily Allen's Smile) and while it sounded fine (I mean, kinda) the song didn't make sense in the context of what Rachel was trying to get across. She's wanting him to smile through tears but the song is like "when I see you cry I smile" - I just didn't get it.
4. "I can cry on demand"

I mean...can't we all?

5. "Get ready to sell....."

...some mattresses." Rachel said this so funny and it cracked me up how EXCITED everyone got at the thought of selling mattresses. But I mean, wouldn't you be?

6. JUMP!

Definitely the high point in the episode for me was when the kids filmed their commercials and sang "jump."

They were all just so excited!!!

Poor Artie couldn't jump on the mattresses know, he's in a WHEELCHAIR.

My favorite was how Mercedes was just chillin' on the mattress at the end belting everything out. I think I enjoy watching her perform the most during the group numbers.

7. And the Oscar goes to...

Dayum Matt Morrison, acting the shit out of what he's been given. What an intense scene! About friggin time that this baby bump was revelaed as being fake!

8. Sue's Corner

Sue: "All I want is one day a year where I'm not assulted by fatties and uglies." Amen Sue. Amen.

9. Quinn for the Win

Quinn is amazing and I love her more and more as each episode passes. This scene with her and Sue was awesome and I love that she stuck it to Sue.

10. Smile....

Will Sue sabatoge the Glee Club's chances of winning? Will New Directions win sectionals? Will Will and Emma kiss? Find out next week in the FALL FINALE! I got to hear the songs that will be in the episode and Oh My Glee ya'll are going to fa reak. Can't wait!!


annette said...

The first half of the episode was a major disappointment. Once they got to that Van Halen cover, everything came together. What a regleef! I was afraid the writers had lost their touch!

Q said...

I totally didn't get the Smile number either....what a weird song choice.....and as we know i love some mercedes growl out in Jump!

Once again Britney gets my two favorite lines, the aforementioned one & when Rachel's trying to recruit her for co-captain!

Also the mere mention of Kendra makes me smile - and the fact that Mrs. Shue alleges she stole the baby bump for her was seriously hilarious!

i was so worried there wouldn't be a Glee-cap today...thanks :)

Sarah said...

I feel a little insulted that writers would think we'd just here "smile" but what they were saying instead was, "it makes me happy when you cry." DID YOU NOT THINK WE'D LISTEN TO THE WHOLE THING? bah... It's like my friend who chose Pearl Jam's "better man" for her wedding song (it's about abuse, chick... but whatev).

I loved this Glee. I mean, we can't always count on this show to leave us happy...