Thursday, December 10, 2009


Please say it ain't so. Please say Glee REALLY isn't gone until April 13. I honestly don't know what I'll do but I'm so so happy we had such a fantastic episode to tide us over until new episodes come back. A few highlights.

1. Sexting

Santana: Sexting isn't sex.
Brit: Yeah, if it was, Santana and I would be dating.

Uh.....excuse me??!!! This is a delightful little surprise I had no clue about! That Santana's a bit of a hoochie ho, no? Oh Brit...I shall miss your wonderful wonderful one-liners. Sigh.

2. And I Am Telling You....

...that Mercedes is friggin incredible. I've heard some great versions of this song but this one might just be the best. And the moment that Rachel and Mercedes have after it's done? Rachel giving Mercedes the solot? AH-Mazing.

Rachel: It's clear the room adores you. And even though it wouldn't be my first choice but I can't wait to see you sing that song at sectionals. You're amazing Mercedes and you deserve it. I'm gonna hug you now.

3. If You Wanna Ride Wit' Me.

I see that they got Artie a ride to Sectionals....
4. Hi!

I love love LOVED when the deaf choir was singing and Britney waved to them!!! Hilarious.
5. Santana Has a Heart

On leaking the set list:
Santana: Okay look - believe what you want but no one's forcing me to be here. And if you tell anyone this I'll deny it but...I like being in glee club. It's the best part of my day, okay? I wasn't going to mess that up.
It's the best part of my day too, Santana.

Lea Michele singing Barbara Streisand? I don't know that it gets better. This performance was OFF THE CHAIN. The spotlight, the opening of the curtain, the interaction with the audience and then when the kids come through the back of the house? Ugh. I can't even. Yes, Lea's lip synching could use a little (lot) work, but I'll just ignore for now.
7. "Ladies and Gentlemen, New Directions!"

This song/performance/moment made me very happy. Okay, I may have been sobbing during it while watching last night. In fact, I probably looked a little like this:
8. Don't Cry Outloud

Aw, WILL!!! How adorable was this? The fact that he was dialed in so he could listen to the competition really had my heart feeling feelings. Now just because he couldn't go WITH the glee club doesn't explain why he couldn't go to the competition at all but.....again. I'll ignore.
9. This woman:
Candace: "Okay, I'm just gonna come out and say it. This is a singing competition. I don't know how those deaf kids got in. THey weren't singing, they were like, honking. And everyone was crying and I was like 'get off the stage you're terrible and you're making me super uncomfortable.'
I love her.

10. Love ya like a sister
Sue had some really great scary moments this episode and some amazing one liners. I may miss her the most of all.
Sue: "Get ready for the ride of your life Will Shuester. You're about to board the Sue Sylvester express. Destination: HORROR."

11. Dear Glee:

My life will suck without you. And Britney's face in this picture? I can't.
12. The kiss heard round the school

Will running down the hall to kiss the woman he belongs with? I mean, was I the only one crying? This whole episode just had the tears flowing, the feelings feeling and my ears tingling from all the vocal goodness I was hearing. I'm glad that some story lines were wrapped up, all the while introducing some new fun ones. It is going to be a LONG 123 days (yes, Page Six counted).
I know you'll miss the Gleecaps, I know...I know....but I'll be sure to fill you in on any Glee news I hear along the way (like how Idina Menzel is in talks to join the cast for 9 episodes...WHAT WHAT??!!)


Q said...

i can't believe it's going to be that long....UGH

Sue's lesbian hair comment - Flawless.

And you know I'm on the same page with you with the Miss Ohio judge!! LOVE her!

Beachquack said...

I hosted Glee Night after my show lastnight. Several times, we found ourselves rewinding to re-watch the one liners, amazing numbers, and the "kiss heard around the school" as you so wonderfully put it. I am in love. I am in love with Glee.

I received a text this morning saying we needed to start a Glee count down... so Page Six isn't the only one.

Sergio said...

Puck: So, we're cool?
Finn: No.

No more said than that, but it hit hard.

I'm buying a hat to hope there's a duck in it.

Kelly said...

Best episode of the season.