Tuesday, December 29, 2009

How I Spent My Winter Vacation

Well now, BriTunes has had a bit of a vacation, hasn't it? I hope that you a restful and enjoyable holiday and that you're looking forward to the New Year. Seeing as I have spent the past two days at work being totally lazy and unproductive, I fear today is the day when I actually have to do WORK so that when my boss comes back to the office he doesn't hate me for not getting anything done. Therefore, a quick recap, of How I Spent My Winter Vacation.

After nearly missing my flight (damn you Newark airport and your confusing terminals and long security lines) I made it to Ohio safe and sound. Basically Tuesday-Thursday consisted of this

and this

with a little of this

and a little more of this

What can I say, I love my dog, sleeping, and booze. If you were in my situation you would take advantage of the same things. Tuesday was my parent's 30th Anniversary (30 years, holy macanoli!) and my mom took advantage of this by trying on her wedding dress.

I mean, she's totally adorable but am I the only one that's reminded a liiiiittle bit of Geena Davis I'm Beetlejuice?

I'm just sayin.'

As with any Christmas holiday, you crave Christmas food. So it was only apropos that on Wednesday night we venture out into the cold and have Japanese food.

Longest. Dinner. EVER. The manager tried to buy our love at the end of the meal by giving the entire table free beers. Yeah, cause that's just what we want after waiting 30 minutes for our bill, an excuse to stay at the restaurant more.

Christmas Eve came and so of course that meant my sister and I had to buy new outfits to wear to church.
It's tradition, and I'm not one to break tradition! Page Six made a comment that we both look ready to join the Rhythm Nation and I might have to agree with him.

Up until this year we would open presents from the family Christmas Eve and then Santa would come Christmas morning. As we're all old now and like to sleep, we decided to open presents Christmas Eve and then ate dinner on the couch watching "Christmas Vacation."

After that we read "twas the Night Before Christmas" in accents. I think it's the start of another amazing tradition!

I have nothing funny to say for this picture. It speaks for itself.

My aunt and uncle came over Christmas Day, and then the next day it was time for me to head to the airport. Long story short - I spent six hours in the Columbus airport, was boarded on the plane and taxied out to the runway, then taken off the plane again and made to wait more. I finally said "enough is enough" and asked to have my flight changed to Monday. This way, I could stay another day and see my cousins and still be to work (relatively) on time Monday morning.

My cousins didn't think I was coming and so being the drama queen that I am, I couldn't just walk in the door...I had to surprise them!!

I love that my Cousin Dan is clutching his pearls.

What a good looking group!!

We played some games, I played with my cousin's two adorable kids

and of course ate and drank a whole lot more.

After more family pictures (miss you Pat and Justine!)

it was time for me to get on a plane (f'real this time) and head back to the NYC.

Of course it's always bittersweet to come home. New York is loud, rough, and everything moves that much faster here. You miss the simplicities of home, the free food (and laundry) and the comfort of being around your family. But when I arrived Monday I took a deep breath and realized that "God, I really did MISS New York." I missed the simplicities of New York, the amazing food, and the comfort of being around my friends - of looking them in the eyes and knowing that I've found another family that will do anything for me (and vice versa). New York doesn't come without its challenges, but for the first time in a long time, I know I'm exactly where I should be.

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